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Skins 2014 Williams Mercedes Hybrid DHD&HD 1.0

Car in DHD&HD size - (Old school meets new school)

  1. w1n1x submitted a new resource:

    2014 Williams Mercedes hybrid DHD&HD (Oldschool style mixed with Newschool style) - Car in DHD&HD size

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  2. hmm i thought your Red Bull-Volkswagen was your last skin for 2013..
    but nice work mate :thumbsup:
  3. A member asked for this car and I thought why not.. Anyway thanks. :thumbsup:
  4. let's move to AC mate, the game provide the skin templates and the car itself is easier to skin. so you can create your best there ;)
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  5. or you could just move to making FIFA 14 kits :p It's great, making players face is harder :D @w1n1x
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  6. Currently I'm attending the motorcycle license so I don't have any spare money left. But I will see how it turns out , thanks.
  7. that reminds me, how old are you rite now? i took my motorcycle license in 19, and want to take car license in next year or two.
    hope you pass the license test buddy :thumbsup: and be careful if you meet Mrs. Puff there
  8. 21. BTW who is Mrs. Puff ? :O_o: Just curious. You can tell me in PM if you want. Anyway I hope I will get a kind and helpful teacher. :cautious:
  9. Nice work&well done!
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  10. Good to see a mod from u again. :)
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  11. and it will be the last ;)
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  12. Thanks. I'm quitting modding for a while (1 or 2 year) but I will wait what CM can accomplish with f1 2015
    If that game will be a great improvement in contrast to the older titles then I will consider returning to modding. Until then I will concentrate mainly on my studies and my personal life . And I also would like to give my thanks for all those who supported me and enjoy my work from the beginning. I really appreciate. I was more than happy todeliver high quality stuffs to you all f1 game fans . Cheers.
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  13. Regret to hear this. :(
    Thanks for all your work. :cool: