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2014 V8 Supercars

Discussion in 'Team ORSM' started by Butters, Dec 1, 2014.

  1. Hi all just thought would start a new thread to stop the hijacking of the other one.

    Bit more progress on the Merc.

    merc update.jpg merc update 2.jpg
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  2. Car renders up quite nicely currently.

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  3. looking good, can I ask will these new cars work with the ORSM mod, I`m assuming they will but thought I would double check.
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  4. Hi Mick,

    I am using the existing mod to base the poly counts and model objects from but the mod itself will essentially be scratch built in regards to models. Hopefully once that is done the ORSM guys will set about working their magic to provide the models those physics we all love and enjoy from their Rfactor 1 experience.
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  5. looks good !
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  6. Nice work mate :)
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  7. You're a talent Butters, looking forward to future progress reports
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  8. great news, be nice to skin the cars for next season.
  9. any updates mate ?
  10. Hi a bit of progress on the Nissan. Things will be pretty quiet over the festive period as it's a fairly busy time of the year for me as i am sure it is for most. nissan 1.jpg nissan 2.jpg nissan 3.jpg
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  11. Sir, you are a Machine....
  12. Start made on the Commodore. Once have a rough shape of each will start looking into the detail of the bodies and then will look into all of the additional parts e.g. wings, front scoops, door handles, mirrors etc.

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  13. all seems to be coming along nicely, but I expect it will be a while before we see them finished and on track.
  14. Once I am happy with where the cars are at I will hand them over to the ORSM team for their feedback and then make any necessary alterations needed. How long it will take from there I have no idea I am not sure which platform has even being decided on yet.

    I would hope to have the models locked down by the end of February as that is when I intend to carry on with my own mods etc
  15. o.k thanks for the heads up, I do hope it`s not RFactor 2, but knowing my luck it will be.
  16. looking good me to i prefer rfactor 1 over 2
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  17. so will you do the FGX instead of the FG Butters?

    looking forward to it either way.

    (rfactor 1 please!) *wink*
  18. I personally would actually prefer it not be RF1 and that is mainly because of how easy it is for people to steal content from RF1. I know the same will be for RF2 or Assetto Corsa eventually but it would be nice to see the models in an ORSM Mod for a new gen platform rather than someone ripping off the models and putting them in RF2 or AC. Having said that though I wouldn't object to it being released to RF1 after a next gen platform has had it's release.

    Focus is on the 2014 series but once this mod is in game I would be keen to help get the FGX in for a 2015 version.

    For me personally I don't think I will be as much of an avid fan of the Supercars if they move away from a V8 series. Hence why I am more than happy to help out to try and get a mod to replicate for Sim Racers what could be the end of an era for a much loved class.
  19. Little more progress things are starting to settle down so should get back into the swing by the end of the month.

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  20. Dang that looks sharp!