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2014 Ultimate A.I. Physics + Performance Mod 1.4

***Accurate, real life 2014 season results***

  1. rkh


    rkh submitted a new resource:

    2014 Ultimate A.I. Physics + Performance Mod - closely resembles riders performances of 2014 season

    Read more about this resource...
    Last edited: Oct 1, 2014
  2. rkh


    And of course, as you may have noticed...here is the CONTENT.MIX... needs to be copied and overwrite in DLC\dlc01 folder...sorry for the delay. but this mod only works with both files...I had issues with CONTENT.MIX size, so now I uploaded it to mediafire...ENJOY

    ***AGAIN, you need both DATA.MIX and CONTENT.MIX in order for the mod to work properly***
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  3. rkh


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  4. Mediafire has blocked your CONTENT.MIX (dangerous file :whistling:)
  5. rkh


    no such problems here. no such problems on my buddies machines. Obviously it is not a dangerous file, make sure your system has not been TROJANED, or other spamware causing you issues.

    EDIT: I just double checked, no problem here or any other friend I have...If problem persists, I will try to find alternate way
  6. dangerous file on mediafire , try another upload site please
  7. rkh


    You should have the option to ignore that. Can't be that hard. Other than that, I am not able to upload anywhere else. Very strange.

    Sorry, but without CONTENT.MIX this mod will not work for Moto2 and Moto3...

    any advice would be appreciated...
  8. i download everything this morning and all work like a charm :)
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  9. rkh


    thank you, that is what I thought. OK, so anyone who has issues it is on your end...
  10. I try this mod, i like, but later try only CONTENT.MIX and the original data.mix and is perfect , the gameplay is perfect, thanks for your work.
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  11. rkh


    Glad you like it!!
  12. First thanks for the release, and Second someone who can download could please upload the CONTENT.MIX in another site , if not much to ask , thank you I can't test all the work together :(
    Thank you for your work ;);)
  13. hey buddy can you tell me what file did you edit in data mix to fix the 4 seconds bug ? :)
  14. hey buddy can you tell me what file did you edit in data mix to fix the 4 seconds bug ? :)
  15. [​IMG]

    This is the famous problem everyone keeps talking about, I unfortunately am no exception. I'm not sure what's causing the problem for some and not for others, but this is a website problem so there's no one to blame here.
  16. rkh


    there has to be a culprit somewhere. otherwise how do people download? I download from there all the time. Either it is the browser settings or an anti-virus program or something. But, could someone upload it to a site with no issues?

    meantime, I am uploading to 4share...takes...for...ever
    Last edited: Oct 4, 2014
  17. rkh


    OK, it is now uploaded to 4Share.com, so check DOWNLOAD SECTION.

    Also, I tested this mediafire issue on different browsers and one time I received the same error message as shown above. HOWEVER, right below was the option to download anyways...
  18. 4share is working. Many thanks and sorry for the inconvenience. I also tried Mediafire on different browsers and it just gave me the option to download a download manager called iLivid but not the file.
  19. Can't extract on desktop :S the file is corrupted
  20. Which file extractor are you using? WinRAR, 7Zip, or the default one? It might also be that you didn't download the file completely, seeing as it's 1.6 Gigs big.