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2014 - Turbos and the end of Vettel

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by MarkVenom, Nov 17, 2013.

  1. The title says it all. Cannot wait to see F1 2014 and Ferrari and Mercedes driven vehicles dominating the rest. About time if you ask me. Vettel is just a typical 'potatoe farmer' that maxed out the potential as long as he could. A bit like MS if he would have continued with Bennetton if you ask me.

    Yeah yeah I hate Vettel. But seriously....what do you guys think about F1 2014 and the outcome of next season. Anyone willing to play Nostradamus and look into the crystal ball?
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  2. For me Red Bull will still be the team to beat, as much as I want Mercedes and Hamilton to win, the only thing that should really stop Red Bull is Renault producing a poor engine. Newey and Red Bull have all the budget in the world to produce a really good car aerodynamically.
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  3. You may be waiting a bit longer.
    Much as I would like to see the RBR's strangle-hold end and more varied results across the grid, that team will not simply fade away due to the new regulations.
    I expect they'll be very strong, if not dominating again next season.
    Let's face it...The team has a winning formula.
    Vettel is very good and makes few mistakes.
    Adrian knows how to get the car through the air while using it's body and suspension to generate grip. He also hasn't felt the need to start at square-one for the past few seasons...simply 'perfecting' the car. That's been huge.
    Sure the new regulations will see a completely new chassis and powerplant for 2014, but RBR will adapt... fast.
    As to all the talk about the Mercedes engine being superior on power... Remember Alonso keeping everybody at bay in 2005 and 2006 in an under-powered Renault which did everything else better?
    It's not just about the engine. It's about the full package and strategy calls
    The other teams need to raise their game and react prior to Red Bull doing something special.
    They need to come up with their own plan of attack.
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  4. You summed up pretty well mate.
    we may see a less domination from RBR. To beat them, there must be a team who can consistently challenge them which we couldn't see in the past few years. RBR is best for in-season Development and with testing in season it will help them even more to develop.
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  5. That, ladies and gentlemen, is what you call "clutching at straws". Vettel can still win in an underpowered car, he is that good, whether you like it or not.

    Also, one thing people seem to forget about 2014, and indeed F1's past, is that the engineers always find creative ways to gain what they've lost with the new rules - and who better to have for that than Adrian Newey? ;)
  6. OP is hilarious, forgot about Newey me thinks.
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  7. Agreed with OP

    Vettels driving style is all about having that rear end stick, prior to that it was neck to neck with Webber, most of 2010, including the tyres. This can also be proven with the first half of 2012, when RB were struggling with rear end grip, Webber had almost no problems with it, but Vettel wasnt there a 100%, his dependence on rear end grip stil crucial.

    2014 , 1 pipe beyond the diffuser, no more exhaust blowing. Remember, Rory Byrne is heavily involved in the 2014 car and engine, he is Neweys Grim Reaper. People who still think Newey is a god, please, he is terrible next to Byrne.
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  8. My, are you in for a surprise next year.
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  9. Chris Jenkins

    Chris Jenkins
    Driving til the wheels fall off

    It'll be a lot more even next year.
    All of Newey's tricks and theories are being neutralised one-by-one.
    To say he's terrible next to Byrne though, is a massive overstatement though.
    Newey's record speaks for itself.
  10. or it could be one of those years when Brawn is better than Newey
  11. Chris Jenkins

    Chris Jenkins
    Driving til the wheels fall off

    If Brawn is involved at all...
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  12. [​IMG]
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  13. LOLZ no he is not. LOLZ He CANNOT win in the second best car. You will see. And next years turbos will shift it dramatically-but that's just my opinion. Let's wait and see.
  14. Agreed. But let's see how this will fare when Vettel lost the fifth engine in the season in dramatic fashion because Renault won't have a decent Turbo ready for 2014-they will take longer. Merc and Ferrari will have the engines to beat.
  15. I think its your assumption we clearly don't know who has the Better engine or who has the best reliability. Its a Knife edge i say. To find the answers we have to wait until 2014 April or May as first few races wont give a clear answer for the questions araised.
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  16. And then he will win another 4 in a row, and you will still say "He had the best car", which he didn't in 2010, and in 2012 it was debatable, at best.

    One simply cannot convince somebody who wishes to be blind to reality.
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  17. Considering Renault are ahead of the rest when it comes to engine mapping in the current formula, I don't see there to be any reason why Renault won't be able to produce a competitive engine.

    We've got nothing but rumours on where everyone is on the engine side. We'll have a better idea at the end of the first test week but reliability is going to be key, especially for the ERS because it produces so much more power than KERS, and will such be a bigger hit to performance if unreliable.
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  18. Vettel will dominate until pirelli leaves the sport I think. Prior to 2011 he was a quick driver, but I don't think he was as quick as as Hamilton in terms of pace, or as good an all-round driver as Alonso. Since Pirelli has been in the sport drivers have not really been able to push their car as fast as they can go, which essentially made Hamilton's biggest asset null and void. Vettel clearly excels at tyre management and adapting his driving style, much more so than Webber, who a few years ago was almost on a par with him. For whatever reason, Vettel has adapted to the regulations much better than everyone else.
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  19. Chris Jenkins

    Chris Jenkins
    Driving til the wheels fall off

    I don't think Pirelli is the problem.
    more durable tyres will favour raw drivers like Hamilton.
    It's a mixture of the new engines and the aerodynamic/downforce package that will determine whether Vettel remains dominant or not.

    As in the same car on durable tyres, Hamilton would destroy vettel every day of the week.
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  20. Of course it is. I am interested what others think thus the question. I do agree with you though.