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2014 Tour de France

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Bram, Jul 14, 2014.

  1. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    With the FIFA World Cup laying behind us its now time to focus on the Tour again. :)

    @Marcel vd Aa are you ready? :)
  2. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Premium

    Tremendous ride by Tony Martin last night.

    But probably not the wisest thing to smash your legs the night before a big mountain stage tonight.
  3. Marcel vd Aa

    Marcel vd Aa
    AC Paint Guru

    Waaay ahead of you... Been 'Touring' strong right from the beginning. Screw the world cup :)
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  4. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Oh me too since day one but haven't shared my thoughts about it.

    Today the party is getting started I think. Really looking forward to this stage.
  5. Lazarou


    It's amazing the best weather so far for the riders was in Yorkshire. Some of the conditions so far in France have been tough.
  6. Lazarou


    Really enjoying it this year, anyone can win. Not been this excited watching it since the EPO days.
  7. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Poor Contador broke his leg yesterday. Incredible that he actually got back on the bike to climb that mountain before giving up.

    Sure cycling will always be associated with doping but these guys do have some serious willpower.