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Misc 2014 Raw Audio Pack! 1.0

Pure Raw Audio Pack!

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  1. Benutzername

    The Will to Death is what keeps me alive Premium Member

    is there any form of preview or am i blind? ;)

    Anyway, you always made good quality... So i think this is good quality aswell.
  2. I have not had chance to make a video as of yet ,
    I am still working on my 2014 Ultimate realizm mod where I will be aiming to achieve the best audio possible , but on root I found that I like the audio in this pack so thought that I would release it and get some feedback along the way ,
    Someone asked regarding this type of audio a while back and can not remember who it was so thought that I would just make it , or otherwise it would not have been released at all :thumbsup:
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  3. Much updates incoming!
    Nice first step but sadly the first testdrives were more about durability not performance.
    Keep up matey.
  4. Benutzername

    The Will to Death is what keeps me alive Premium Member

    The engines wont be turned qay more than in testing
  5. I Have the full 2014 audio I have been working on for a while but without any onboard audio footage it is hard to judge it ,
    But once I have some good onboard audio video,s to compare I will finish and release it , This mod is just a bit of fun more like fantasy audio than anything else ,
    But I liked the audio that I was able to get mixed with the carsetup files :thumbsup:
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  6. No sound for LOTUS in wiew cokpit and tv.
  7. Hi Guy,s after uploading this audio last night and not really getting good rating,s
    That is not the issue but my 2014 Ultimate RealiZm Mod , I have been messing with the audio for months now and have only about 5 cars that you can hear some turbo on the others sound nice but they do not all sound the same ,
    Since 2012 the audio in that game was really good to mess around with as the xml files was a lot more detailed and overhaul was about 100 times more settings ,
    Not every one like myself as been messing around with the audio and understands how it works ,
    The audio partly is made from the CTF Physics files so unless you change the mclaren setup to work on all cars then I doubt that the mod will do well ,
    I had full intentions of releasing the mod as although I have spent a lot of time and effort making it ,
    At the end of the day its never going to be 100% perfect , So have decided just to keep it for personal use ,
    The main reason is that it does not really matter If I spend 1 hours or 100 hours I think that the overhaul opinions on RD will still leave it with an average rating so on that note ,
    I will just use it in my own personal way for video,s sorry :sleep:
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  8. Can u upload a video or something? XD
  9. nice one thank you!
  10. um hit me when i am wrong ^^ but for me the cars sounds all the same or have i done something wrong? i've simply copy and paste from rar file to the place in the game where the files belongs ... ^^
  11. Milos

    Had things gone my way, who knows..

    ? it works fine for me
  12. well i do not know but somehow all cars sounds the same :O ^^
  13. They all have different settings in the files but the overhaul sound is about the same ,
    The issues I am having with my official 2014 Ultimate realizm mod , is that all the cars sound different although I was using the same sound file , this is due to the CTF Setup files that effect each car different as all cars have different settings on the on and off throttle and other settings that effect the audio ,
    I currently have half the 2014 cars where you can hear the turbo but the other cars still sound awesome but with hardly any turbo sound at all ,
    I suppose to get the best audio we will have to wait for F1 2014 but I have tried over 50 different audio files with no great effects and the best audio I have been using is not even from F1 :thumbsup:
  14. I have tried to rename the classic v6 sound´s for the cars in F1 2012...when i drive a car then i hear the sound.So i have rename all sounds for the whole teams,but then i here nothing....can you help me?but the normal sounds are fine,thanks:thumbsup:
  15. Its not just a case of renaming the files the v6 file is the best file to use but you need to edit the xml files as well also 1 -2 of the teams files you need to keep as a base sound ,
    Think its the mclaren audio file ,
    It takes a lot of time changing and messing with the xml files to get it right have fun:thumbsup:
  16. I´m a noob in such things.Thought it will be a nice sound-more to real life.A muffled sound...;)
  17. it sounds ok but only about 4 cars have turbo sound with that v6 file its hard to get the sound right but there is too many complainers in here at the minute they expect a 3 course dinner from a packet of noodles ;)
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  18. ah okay thats an good information :) thank you :thumbsup: