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Tracks 2014 Monza Track Update 2014-09-09

2014 Monza Track

  1. Bertin submitted a new resource:

    2014 Monza Track Update - 2014 Monza Track

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  2. fitti


    Thanks to my friend, but still has minor flaws. Some ads are not as they are, and some are missing. But thanks for the work.;)
  3. Unfortunately it's not possible to do atm. Codemasters are done some "bad" things when they created track.
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  4. :(:(:cry: OK
  5. fitti


    I understand it's difficult. Thank you.:)
  6. Is the grip level @ the 1st chicane also modded so I have to blow thru it twice in one race to keep from flat spotting my tires??? Just kidding.
    ;) I've really been looking forward to this one. Thank you so much for your stellar work.:):):)