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2014 Montreal Grand Prix

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by 10phillyphan, Aug 14, 2013.

  1. 10phillyphan

    Dylan Coyle Premium

    So I am saving my money up to take me and my dad to Montreal for the Grand Prix there. I have never been to an F1 race, and I have started getting into F1 this year, and I'll tell you, it's a lot more interesting than NASCAR. Montreal is 8 hours by car from us, so it's a home track, I guess you could say haha. Anyways, since I've never been to Montreal for a race, what is the weekend like? Are there a lot of souvenir stands? Is there a program there? Is there a lot of people who speak English?
  2. Montreal is packed during the weekend, I recommend parking out of the center of town and travelling otherwise, by metro, by foot, maybe rent a bicycle or bring one ? Main issue won't be traffic per say (although it'll be difficult), but finding a place to park... Impossible :D

    There will be tons of stuff to do for sure, you can probably find an info kiosk on site and get a sheet-thing listing what is going on. Tons of shops too.

    Finally, Montreal is a multi-linguistic city, french is dominant, although if you speak english you shouldn't have any problem at all making yourself understood. (Quebec City is another story).

    So yeah, that's about it, never went to see the GP myself but I know how it's like, Quebec is similar during big events. So good luck, enjoy your weekend, and don't forget to bring a map :D
  3. 10phillyphan

    Dylan Coyle Premium

    Thank you! The package I am saving up to has unlimited subway travel and 20 minutes from the track... I'm actually taking French for the first time in school this year so that would help a lot I guess! I actually never thought to bring a map, and that is pretty dumb of me! I appreciate you writing to me!
  4. I grew up in Montreal (the West Island) and they don't speak French there. They speak Quebecois (a local slang where some words sound the same as the French equivalent and some words are just slurred from one word to the next). But language should not be an issue for the F1 race weekend. Language is only an issue for some in the East End, and the race track is not located in the East End. Wear some sort of F1 clothing, and you will be fine. Of course you will stand out as a tourist (which you are LOL), but you will be fine. But as William said, take the metro (the subway) to the race. It's the only sensible way to get to the track on race day and be sure to check out Crescent Street and Bishop Street on the Friday and/or Saturday of the race. Lots to see in that part of town. Montreal is a great city to visit. Living in it? That is a different can of worms. Been there done that, I am glad I left. haha.
  5. What a great treat for your dad!

    I hope my son follows suit when he's older :D
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  6. 10phillyphan

    Dylan Coyle Premium

    Well that's a relief! The package I was looking at has unlimited subway rides all weekend so that's good too! I've never been to Canada, so it would be a great experience! Im also a huge hockey fan (go flyers!) so I'm gonna need to take a tour of the Bell Centre! Thanks for your help!
  7. 10phillyphan

    Dylan Coyle Premium

    I think he will enjoy it a lot! He's been to NASCAR races with me, but F1 is a whole different beast, like NASCAR is country, F1 is sophisticated madness! I'm actually 14, I'll be 15 next June, so I am trying to get a job at McDonald's to get the money for this!
    My dad doesn't know much about F1, but I am positive he will love it!
  8. 10phillyphan

    Dylan Coyle Premium

    One more thing, how would the exchange rat between USD and Canadian dollars work?
  9. Who knows what the exchange rate will be next summer. Presently there isn't a huge difference between Canada and the USA so for the most part the money is fairly equal. But there are a few things to remember:

    1) Regardless of what the exchange rate is, the conversion from one currency to the other will always skim a little off of the top regardless of which way you are converting. We just can't win here.

    2) It is best to convert your money before entering the country and/or convert it at a bank or money exchange business at the airport once you arrive. But if you don't convert it, many (not all) businesses will take American currency. The same can not be said with businesses in the USA accepting Canadian currency. They look at Canadian bills and say "What is this? Monopoly money"? LOL ... but this is all mute if you pay by credit card as the exchange is done at source in real time when you do the transactions and will show up on the month end credit card statement.

    3) Sales Taxes are higher in Canada and Quebec has some of the highest sales taxes in all of the country. Plus some products/services that are identical in the two countries simply cost more in Canada. It is a source of sore spots to many in Canada how identical products cost more here, but it is what it is.
  10. 10phillyphan

    Dylan Coyle Premium

    Thanks for your help! So I guess in your mind, do you think I should convert the money, or keep it in USD? Or some USD and some in Canadian dollars?
  11. Amen, it's a tad silly !

    Example: A brand new Camaro V6

    USA: 21 000$
    Quebec (rest of Canada too ?): 28 000$/30 000$

  12. 10phillyphan

    Dylan Coyle Premium

    Wow that's crazy... And there isn't much of a difference is USD and the Canadian dollar.
  13. Not sure how much Canadian currency your local banks hold, so it would likely to be easier for you to just visit a Canadian bank once you cross the border and convert some of the money then. But you told us you were pretty young and yes this trip is a treat for your father (you are paying for the GP tickets, and possibly the hotel?), but I would imagine your father will also be paying for a lot of the day to day costs of your trip and paying for things like gas and meals is just easier if you pay with a credit card. Then the conversion is done in real time behind the scenes and is hassle free.

    Enjoy the race. It might be the last GP in Montreal which is sad because the teams, the drivers and the fans love the track. Too bad politics and Bernie's greed gets in the way of a good thing.
  14. 10phillyphan

    Dylan Coyle Premium

    I guess that would be the smart thing to do, and yes I'm paying for te hotel and tickets. I'm just hoping they renew the contract after this years race. I read that the organizers are discussing a 10 year contract renewal dor the race. Thanks for your help!
  15. BTW ... Canada phased out the penny this year. You still pay pennies when you complete your transactions with credit or debit cards. But if you are paying cash, the vendors will either round up or round down (my local food store always rounds down no matter what). So no need to worry about bringing home any funny looking pennies with the Queen's head on them.
  16. 10phillyphan

    Dylan Coyle Premium

    Really? That's interesting. So say something is like $9.99, they round it up to $10? Never knew that!
  17. Most if not all of the workers there are bilingual