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2014 mod 1.0

some riders changed

  1. PRo


    PRo submitted a new resource:

    2014 mod - some riders changed

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  2. can you teach me how to modify the bikes? thanks, nice mod
  3. realitychecked


    Check the forum.
  4. Thejlfan , many do not know to use the Mixfile ReMixer 0.1.6
    You can do a Mod of the season 2014 in MOTOGP.MIX, MOTO2.MIX and MOTO3.MIX
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  5. Hello to all you guys! In fact I noticed it (including me) that many do not know how to use Mixfile remixer 0.1.6. Having a file motogp.mix moto2.mix and moto3.mix would be the best thing for many. thank you very much to those who load the file to download.
  6. rkh


    I am not sure how to update riders names to properly reflect all changes, such as Maverick Vinales now in Moto 2 NOT Moto 3, etc. etc.

    However, almost more importantly; I did adjust bike performances and A.I. Rider behavior and I am getting realistic results. Comparing it to real life qualifying times from the first 2 GPs on this new season, they are damn close!
  7. I'll give you my compliments! and you're all very good at this forum to make changes, or other mods in this game! Unfortunately, many (including myself) do not know how to make these changes and seek final file MOTOGP.MIX (Moto2 and Moto3 say they are less important). wait a few files to go to replace the present one for some riders and especially bike a little update today, waiting for the mythical motogp 14. thank you very much
  8. realitychecked


    I quit, I just quit, piss off and stop annoying me. Geez...
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  9. lol