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2014 Mod Announcement

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by John-Eric Saxén, Feb 19, 2014.

  1. Formula SimRacing is today announcing the decision to use stock ISI mod physics for the 2014 season, following four seasons of racing with custom built FSR mods. The mod in question will be ISI Formula Masters 2012.

    The decision to use a stock mod was a trivial one for the ISR Club Board, due to the limited number of quality mods existing for rFactor2. The option of using ISI Marussia was also considered in detail, but due to practical issues this mod was unfortunately not a realistic option.

    The car physics will be kept as is, with the exception of bug fixes and possible external changes, if the administration feels necessary. There will be no mod testing team, but everyone is encouraged to report bugs on the public forum.

    News about mod distribution and detailed instructions for painting will be released at a later date. The base mod and .PSD file can be downloaded from here and here.

    Also read the full season 2014 press release at RaceDepartment.
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  2. Safe Decision, Good Luck
    Last edited: Feb 19, 2014
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  3. Looks interesting!
    Now the only thing stoping me from buying rfactor 2 is the TBA schedules(race hours) :p
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  4. Nice choice. Now I only want to know racing times. :)

  5. Till WC race time isnt decide we wont know the rest of the schedule.
  6. WC racetime is Sunday 17:00 GMT, vote between WC teams recently ended. We'll be looking into the other series race times now...
  7. Should've used F1RFT 2013 in my opinion but I guess a generic f1 car is better than using a not so popular car such as the marussia

  8. I guess this means DRS will be in fsr this year :) Should make the racing a lot more exciting. guessing detection and activation points will be like they are in real f1
  9. DRS is available everywhere.
  10. i think it might be disabled, reason being because as far as FSR is concerned its and aid and aids are usually not used among legends
  11. No way DRS to be enable. In my opinion DRS destroyed the fights and real battles in Formula 1, now the drivers make their overtakes too easy.. If you want something new, go to try your chance in some amateur league where these stuff are allowed.
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  12. From my point of view with the current dirty air if we don't use DRS forget about any overtaking move.
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  13. Yeah but you can program detection and activation points in the gdb file. I think it's the Malaysia isi one where you have an example at the bottom of the gdb file. I put a DRS zone on mid ohio and it worked

  14. I guess some people might say that but I'm a fan of it, it has created some fabulous battles in real f1. Take Valencia 2012 for example. That race would've not been as exciting without DRS. I guess this is something for the ISR Club Board to decide on.

    On what you said about joining an amateur league, I have no intentions to race in an rfactor 2 league soon cos I'm just not good enough at rfactor 2 as of yet. I do hope to race in fsr in the future though. That's one of the reasons why I post here a lot, the other being I'm a huge fan of FSR, I watch the broadcasts regularly.

  15. I would agree with you if you're right and dirty air is bad for overtakes, but if stays as last year was, wont be good to add DRS.
  16. Even with DRS it's impossible to overtake at the moment, the dirty air is a real problem, the slipstream isn't that strong either so I expect it to be changed before the season starts. DRS isn't a solution in simracing in my opinion, we don't need fake racing
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  17. Isn't fake to reduce dirt air artificially? :)
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  18. No, because at the moment it's not realistic at all, there is way too much dirty air. Maybe you should test things first before commenting.
  19. exactly
  20. Well as I see it, the options are

    a) DRS + default (not realistic?) slipstream/dirty air
    b) DRS + realistic slipstream/dirty air (tuned)
    c) no DRS + realistic slipstream/dirty air (no overtaking possible except tracks like China)
    d) no DRS + unrealistic slipstream/dirty air

    Feel free to discuss it anyway. The WC teams will have decisision right regarding WC sporting rules, although this is both a technical and sporting decision, but it will be discussed in TOA.