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Skins 2014 Mercedes W05 + Audio 0.9

4096 HD Livery + Audio Mod 0.9

  1. chargingcar submitted a new resource:

    2014 Mercedes W05 + Audio - 4096 HD Livery + Audio Mod 0.9

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  2. is possible to do that skin for f1 2013?
  3. Getting 4 star ratings I would not have bothered uploading it for 2012 :unsure:
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  4. Is it made on Marussia livery , right ?
  5. Yes I Did a full conversion from the marussia to the mercedes ,
    Took a little while longer than planned but had to adjust a couple of logo errors :thumbsup:
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  6. :confused::p:whistling::whistling:
  7. Awesome buddy.
    Looks great. :thumbsup:
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  8. Great Job.Perfect for my current career:thumbsup:Thank you for this wonderful car;)
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  9. yes! there he is thank you charge!
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  10. Looks really great ChargingCar. Can I ask if you're planning a 2xDHD of this skin also?
  11. I Have not really made many skins as ML and W1nx1 as , So only learned during the process that it would have been better at 8192 res , I could have just scaled it up but that is not what I do ,
    Maybe at a later date when the season starts if they change a couple of designs specially on the side pods maybe I will make the 8192 skin but still looks nice in between at 4096 ,
    I Think that all top skins in 2012 should be 8192 and in 2013 8192 is just overkill slightly due to the logo sizes :thumbsup:
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  12. Thank,s I did not fully realize the effort it takes to do a full skin conversion all the small parts eats most of your time up without ever really making big changes to the overhaul skin looks specially in 2012 ,
    I think 2013 most of the carbon and body parts have been included within the model like the rivits and small details , But only wanted to release it when it was at a decent standard to try and achieve a good overhaul rating and can not understand still why some people rate work lower than others when I could not have added anything else to the model ,
    I did make the logos on the wing mirrors then noticed a while after when double checking all the model that on the opposite side it had mirrored the logos backwards so decided just to remove them :thumbsup:
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  13. I Got asked to help out making the 2014 season mod for 2012 and although I enjoyed making this mod , I think that my time will be most useful for the community and for the 2014 season , Will be to complete the full 2014 Audio mod for all cars instead of keep creating 1 mod at a time ,
    But if you have any requests in the mean time please feel free just to ask :thumbsup:
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  14. It happens.
    Don't think of the rating.
    Your is great and u know it.
    Don't get dissatisfied with low rating.
    Everybody doesn't know how much hard work goes into making one these cars and full teams or even an entire season mod.
    We do because we like moding stuff.
    Keep making such beautiful projects buddy.
    Looking forward for your next work. :thumbsup:
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  15. Thank,s I did not realize until my 3rd day LOL :thumbsup:
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  16. awesome !
    with the audio mod its a #MUSTHAVE vor all gamers.

    Thank you very much !
  17. @chargingcar
    One question mate. Does this car mod of yours require to install the driver specific livery mod?
  18. I try to ask it again cause you didn't answe me yet. In your winrar file why is there 2 seperate car mod? One for number 44 and 1 for NO1 6. The two liveries differ from each other or they are for career?
  19. Is it possible to have the sound of the car so that it would work in F1 2013?
  20. Very nice, great job, thank you ^^