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2014 M1 Yamaha 1.2


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  1. realitychecked


    No screenshots? I'm quite disappointed here... :thumbsdown:
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  2. Thanks. Very nice skin.

    What about the rider suits?

  3. coming soon
  4. [​IMG]
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  5. I don´t understand why people show pics without text or something....it is because of suits,so he wrote suits coming soon...and i think he know how they looks;)
  6. wait for the suits and some screenshots. ;)
  7. I have posted that picture because in the fairing behind there are 2 sponsors.

    sorry for my bad English
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  8. How to use?
  9. motogp.mix please
  10. realitychecked


    I'm not sure in the quality of this. These pictures do not amuse me at all. I'll give TETAE another chance.
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  11. how to install

  13. nice skin...i like it..but i need the rider suit to.....
  14. Yes it has rider suit .
  15. Guys nice!!!!! im in love!!!!!
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