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2014 Australian V8 Supercars

Discussion in 'Motorsports' started by Yves Larose, Mar 1, 2014.

  1. Yves Larose

    Yves Larose

    i've just finished watching the first 2 qualifications of the first event of the serie and i thought i would do a write up of what i think of the up coming season and so we can discuss things ;)

    ok lets start with the manifacturers, this year we are spoil and having 5 manifacturers, Holden, Ford, Nissan, Mercedes and finally Volvo.

    Holden have been in the serie for over 20 years now and for me its the manifacturer to beat especially for the pass few years so i don't expect to be different this season but i also think that it will be much closer and more hard work for the Holden teams

    Ford have been Holden rival for the most part of the serie life and this year will not be much different. tho Ford seem to lack consistancy and to me they have to improve that side if they want to beat Holden and come out champions at the end of the season.

    Nissan have made a return to the serie last season and had some issues such as higher fuel consuption and less top speed which hurt them in a few races but have shown some promises with a win at Winton so i'm expecting them to improve and be regularly at the front.

    Mercedes have been doing their debut in the serie last year with not much preparation before the start of the season and like Nissan they had issues such as fuel consuption and most importantly power steering fealure on a regular basis but they shown that they could compete with the big boys so i'm expecting them to play a role in the championship.

    Volvo is making its debut in the serie with a well establish team, for me the down side is that they are lining up a young driver (2nd season) and a new experience comer but Volvo being a serious manifacturere make me think that they are there not to show at the back but to compete and win so keep an eye on them they might surprise.

    ok now on to a closer look at the teams and drivers for this year.

    Red Bull Racing Austrlia (Holden)

    for the pass few years it have been the bench mark and the team to beat with the strongest duo of drivers and i don't expect it to change this year but they will have to work hard all year long and any slip up will put them in trouble and might cost them the championship. now for the drivers.

    Jamie Whincup: what to say about the guy apart that he is the bench mark he always seems to find a way to be at the front no matter what but the competiton is getting harder and closer so we'll see how it will turn out for him this year.

    Graig Lowndes: the biggest rival to Jamie Whincup after all they have the same equipement under them so its no surprise but lack consistancy in result and need to work on that if he want to beat Whincup and i think that this year might just be the its year and win the title.

    Holden Racing Team - Walkinshaw Racing - James Rosenberg Racing (Holden)

    they all have the same owner which is Walkinshaw so i will tread them as one, they are a manifacturer team which mean that they have the full support of Holden, for the pass few years they had ups and downs which mean that they lack consistancy but last year with the car of the future (COTF) they shown that they have what it takes to bring it to Red Bull Racing Australia so i'm expecting them to continue where they left last year.

    Garth Tander: i think that he is a very consistant driver, not the fastest but always there at the end when its count the most althought since the serie have the car of the future (COTF) he seems to struggle adapting to it so i'm expecting him to bounce back this year and be close to his team mate.

    James Courtney: Tander team mate in the mother team for Holden have been champoin a few years ago and i like to think that it wasn't a chance thing that he have the talent to beat Whincup fair and square (yes he is my favorite driver :roflmao:). since the serie have moved to the car of the future (COTF) he have shown very good things and compare to Tander the new car seems to suit him better.

    Tim Slade: he drives in Walkinshaw Racing and last year was with Erubus driving a Mercedes and have shown a few good flashes so keep an eye on him he might surprise more then a few person.

    Nick Percat: Drives as James Rosenberg Racing and after being Tander co-driver a few times he have been giving his chance as a main driver so lets see what he can do being a regular driver in the serie.

    Erebus Motorsport (Mercedes)

    its a well oiled team with many success under their belt in other series in partnership with a big manifacturer is a team that is gonna improve this year and that we will see play with the big boys on a regular basis if they have solved their issues with the car otherwise it will be a very painful year again for them.

    Will Davison: his move from Ford Performance Racing to Erebus Motorsport was a big surprise for most people i think. good or bad move ? only time will tell but i think that he can bring so much to the team to improve it along side with his team mate that was driving for the team last year so don't rule him out just yet.

    Lee Holdsworth: second year driving the Mercedes at Erebus Motorsport so he have a good understanding of the car and a very good team mate to work with to make the team progress in the right direction so lets see what 2014 will bring him and lets hope he will be playing with the big boys on a regular basis.

    Ford Performance Racing - Charlie Schwerkolt Racing - Rod Nash Racing (Ford)

    Like Holden Racing Team they all are part of the Ford manifacturer team so they will be treaded as one team, they are Holden all time rivals but as said before they lack consistancy, the car seem better on certain tracks and struggle on others so they need to work on that aspect if they want to be champion at the end of the season.

    Mark Winterbottom (Frosty): for me the guy have a very big potential but for some reason don't use it to its fulless, they guy seems to loss focus, lack consistancy and sometimes makes poor decision during a race so he needs to work on those things if he wants to become champion.

    Chaz Mostert: last year he have shown very promising things and moving to FPR his its big chance to really show his full potential, in my opinion its his chance and if he miss it it might end up being back to a smaller team or even out of the serie. so lets see how it will go for him.

    Jack Perkins: he have been a co-driver last year and he have been given his chance to be a full time driver in the serie this year solets see his progress during the year and see if he got what it takes to remain a main driver of the serie for the years to come.

    David Reynolds: i don't know the guy have shown some impressive skill but it misses something to explode and become a champion or at least a contestant for the title. consistancy is one thing he needs to work on thats for sure so lets see how the year will go for him.

    Nissan Motorsport (Nissan)

    also call Kelly Racing is Nissan manifacturer team so they have the full support of Nissan behind them which made a comeback to the serie last year. the team have shown that they are here to win and they have done so on one occasion last year, they had their issues and i'm hoping that they will have solved them and be able to be a mix in the outcome of the season.

    Todd Kelly: not the fastest of the pack but very consistant thats one driver that can have a word to say on the outcome of the championship and mix things up.

    Rick Kelly: like his brother he is not the fastest but still a talented driver that can mixed things up and make the championship as interesting as it can be.

    Michael Caruso: he have shown some good flashes last year and i think that he still learning and will remain in the serie for a long time, will he be a champion one day i doudt it but we will see him at the front from time to time to mix things up.

    James Moffat: like Micheal Caruso the guy certainly have his place in the serie and can mix things up a little but thats about it.

    Brad Jones Racing - Britek Motorsport (Holden)

    thats one team that i would like to see partnering with a manifacturer (Hint Dodge) and see the team bloom to its full potential. they have shown that they can play with the big boys they just miss the financial and technical support to do it on a regular basis.

    Jason Bright: he is an very experience driver in the serie and i would like to see what he can really do if he was part of a team that have the full support of a big manifacturer, he just might be champion material.

    Fabian Coulthard: like his team mate he is a very talented driver he just need the material under him to show it on a regular basis.

    Dale Wood: he have been a co-driver for the Kelly Racing team and has been last year champion of the Dunlop serie and he have been given his chance in the main game so it up to him to take it and make the most of it, lets see what he will do and if he got what it takes to stay in the main serie for the coming years.

    Dick Jonhson Racing (Ford)

    like the team before them i would like to see them supported by a manifacturer and see what they can really do against the big boys, in a few occasion that have shown good flashes they just need to do it on a regular basis.

    Scott Pye: last year he have shown us a few scary moment and the bad luck seems to stick to him like glue lets hope this year will be different and that we will see his full potential.

    David Wall: thats a driver that we are waiting to see what he can do, lets hope this year will be a good year for him.

    Volvo Polestar Racing (volvo)

    this year new team and they mean bussiness, Volvo have been in various series in the pass they are not in the serie for their pretty car they are there to win so keep a close eye on them cause they will surprise people right from the box. the only down side is their driver line up one very young that is still learning but that have shown very promising things and one experience driver but new to the serie.

    Scott McLaughlin: to me he is the future champion of the serie he is still young and learning but he have a pretty good team under him so give him a few year and he'll be at the top.

    Robert Dahlgren: new to the serie but he is an experience touring car driver so a good team mate for Scott and help him become a champion and help the team progress as well.

    Tekno Autosports (Holden)

    while being a small team and only lining up one car/driver this year they have shown that they can play with the big boys and mix things up championship wise so i'm expecting them to continue what they did last year.

    Shane Van Gisbergen: the only driver of the team but very talented he maybe lack a little bit of consistancy but he is often at the front mixing things up championship wise so expect him to do the same this year.

    Lucas Dumbrell Motorsport (holden)

    the team is only lining up one driver and its a very small team so i don't expect much of it.

    Russell Ingall: has announced his retirement in 2013 so not sure why he changed his mind but i don't expect him to do much taking in fact that its a very small team with only one car. honestly i would have sticked to what i said in 2013 and retired and maybe just be a co-driver for someone.

    that conclude the Teams/drivers for this year, i think we will have one hell of a season and that it will be very close with many surprises along the way i can't wait for the season to unfold races after races. as for the future of the serie the CEO of V8 Supercars James Warburton have made some announcement for the future of the serie like a new TV deal from 2015 to 2020, new partnership and renew partnership for the coming years and many other things that will make a strong future for the serie you can read all about it HERE .

    EDIT: forgot one team and driver
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  2. Nice review Yves, seems strange having a French Canadian reporting on our premier Motorsports Series in Australia, but I know Yves is a passionate follower of things V8 Supercar.

    My overall thought is that Scott McLaughlin and Volvo just might be the car to watch this year. It's a new team, with a young driver, but I have no doubt McLaughlin is the rising star in the series, and a champion in waiting. This year might be asking too much, but he and his Volvo will win a few races I reckon.:)
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  3. Yves Larose

    Yves Larose

    Thanks Warren of course its a strange thing but its a series that is working to be international one day and i'm hoping that they will come to Montreal in a near future, i think the Montrealer will love the car and the racing they produce :)
  4. Michael Stead

    Michael Stead

    Nice finish to race 2.. :speechless:
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  5. V8 SC is my fav. touring series, since many years back... It is tighter and better racing than both DTM and the WTCC. It is also very special in that everyone seems so down to earth, on tv. Seems very friendly and nice.

    As a swede, i hold my hopes this year for some good scores for Polestar Volvo :)

    But, one thing i have to mention is that i REALLY hope for a good tv deal one day, Eurosport or the like, as in Sweden noone shows it. I mostly watch recaps on youtube if i can, as the only other way to see it here is by illegal means. It sucks actually.

    But tv coverage of motorsports by our cable providers is abysmal anyway, so my hopes of V8 action without the hassle seems far fetched. It makes me a bit sad as BTCC was very popular here when tv showed it, and i am thinking the supercars are way better racing action, so it would probably succeed.

    If only there was legal streaming covering what YOU choose to see from around the world, i would buy that asap...

    So i am looking forward to the season and i will try my best to see as much as possible of it...
  6. Michael Stead

    Michael Stead

  7. Michael Stead

    Michael Stead

    Not sure that these new restart rules are a good idea. :(
  8. the_sigman

    Sim racer, F1 news editor... Racing is in my blood Premium

    That was huge!
  9. I watch it on Motors channel and this first event has been very exiting, the last race perhaps a little to exiting with that last accident - glad everybody was safe.
    I'm very impressed with the speed and fast reaction of the cars and drivers - very dence racing.
  10. Michael Nelson

    Michael Nelson

    Thanks for this thread Yves. I decided on a whim to watch the 3rd race the other night, and thoroughly enjoyed it - though I felt a bit like a fish out of water. Some good reading here.
  11. Quas


    This probably isn't new to people watching the series, but i just saw it for the first time and am pretty amazed:

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  12. https://www.v8supercars.com.au/v8superview
  13. @Adrian Holm
    Yes. I found that viasat motor actually shows this in sweden (a channel that i of course already have). So to my great rejoice i can in fact enjoy som v8sc action now (live as well). :)
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  14. 4 8 15 16 23 42 108

    4 8 15 16 23 42 108
    Only the 5th-most famous race driver from Kerpen Premium

    Hey all,
    Is there really no chance to watch it via a stream legally?
    Wouldn't want to pay a year's deal for watching Motors TV, which I haven't missed yet.
    I'd even get up at night for these guys racing
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  15. you misspelt Craig Lowndes name (starts with a G)
    Yes, it's becoming bogged down in too many rules. let them race, ffs.
  16. Arne Dopudja

    Arne Dopudja
    Leader of the infamous Chevy Gang.

    Me and my friend watch racing on YT and since BTCC wasn't fully uploaded, we tried DTM, but that is just slow aero racing, nothing to see there... tried V8S... Best thing after BTCC, period. The ridiculousness of everything is fantastic.. Guy was ordered by the team to try peeling off his doors against a wall... That's some Madmax stuff right there. Also the restart rules are briliant... they need to be in BTCC. :D