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Misc 2013 "Ultimate Realism Mod" All Cars. 3.0

Finally here Guy,s enjoy!

  1. chargingcar submitted a new resource:

    2013 "Ultimate Realizm Mod" All Cars. - Reworked Audio,Cameras,Tires N Lighting all Cars!!!

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  2. Roderick Kennedy

    Roderick Kennedy
    Premium Member

    Thank you,good stuff.:thumbsup:
  3. No worries any issues at all let me know and I will update ASAP:thumbsup:
  4. Awesome work ;)
  5. Great Work ;)
  6. and thanks :D
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  7. Ferrari_tcam.jpg Congratulations for your work. But the T-cam Ferrari is not very faithful to reality.
    You could change it like that in the picture I attached?
    Anyway, you did a great job!
  8. To be Honest with you m8 That was a 2000Racing Live Stream by the Looks of things,
    My Camera Mods are straight from Official Resources ;)
    You Could look at 20 none official Cameras and Live Streams and they all have closer Cams This is to cut off the logos that Official channels use, i Do a Little research before hand you know:sneaky:
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  9. You Can tell easy this Shot is not Official look how big the DRS Tracker is;)
  10. This ones Official m8 Compare this to yours;)
  11. Actually you're right. In fact, even the T-cam of the Mercedes is different from what I see on the youtube video (unofficial channels).
    I had not noticed the size of the speedometer .... anyway I renew compliments for your mod!
  12. I believe this video is official.
  13. The Ferrari one I created from an Official Shot I even lined it up and overlayed it ontop of the screenshot I captured;)
    But please feel free to let me know if you guys want any changes what so ever and I will update the Mod:thumbsup:
  14. I think you're doing a fantastic job. In addition, changes to the circuits are very good. If you could do a version of "Ultimate Realism Mod" with TCAM Mercedes and Ferrari similar to those from the image above I would be very grateful. Thank you and congratulations again.:thumbsup:
  15. They was the Longest I spent making them they was Perfect to the Picture screenshots I used ill update it later;)
  16. chargingcar first I want to say THANK YOU for GREAT work and putting all in one download. Can you also put all track updates into one download?
  17. No sorry they are about 30/50 Mb each so 10 Tracks would be 3/400 Mb I can only upload to Racedpartment 100mb Files I have a Premium Account with Mediafire so If me and Reddvers finish all the Tracks I may upload a 1Gb file
  18. Nice but what did you do to the audio because on my surround headphones and Creative 5.1 surround ( both DD optical connections ) it is sounding not very well. sorry to say :(

    It is like a hollow sound, as if everything is inside a huge hallway or similar. The default sound I thought was very good but the volume mix is not done right - needs more user control from within the game.
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  19. oh no why does the Mercedes T-Cam so ugly? others see really awesome from my favorite is the Lotus :thumbsup:
  20. Perfect, perfect work chargingcar, loved the cameras.
    Thank you for your hard work!!