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Tracks 2013 Team Garage HD PSB / 3DS 1.0

2013 Garage 3DS / Photoshop PSB Including all Textures

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  1. Gracias!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. How do you instal this mod ??
  3. These are intended for view , showcasing your work. These are not for ingame use.
  4. Joel


    Though is it possible to install these into the game?
  5. Nope. These are templates. You can edit the texture of the template and import it into the game. You can't install a photoshop psb file into the game.
  6. Joel


    So you have to change it to a pssg or something like that. I'll go and check it. Thanks for the mod! Planning to give my friend a little surprise with a garage now :)
  7. Lol no. You don't change this to pssg
    You open this psb file from this template and
    modify the texture and save it as a dds then with ryder pssg editor you import the modified garage 2D texture to the team's pssg garage file which you want replace.
  8. Great work mate.
    Thanks for it.
  9. Joel


    I'm not sure if I'm doing the correct thing... If anybody has been working on this, could they please post a work in progress picture?
  10. Milos

    Had things gone my way, who knows..

    Open the .psd with Photoshop, double clck a .dds file on your right (don't know which one), edit (while looking at the .psd to see your changes), save, import to .pssg, and play ;)
  11. you can do it for F1 2012?:thumbsup:.
  12. is there template for civic ? i want to modify this car for wtcc 2012/13 season ?i know how to do it,but i cant find template anywhere ? please help ?
  13. I don't know what you except since you wrote this to a f1 2013 mod thread and not to the correct game thread. Don't post anything like this in a incorrect thread.
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  14. ok you are right.please link to correct thread?