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Misc 2013 Sponsor update for Hockenheim 1.0

2013 track update for Hockenheim

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  1. Splendid, I'll download this in the morning ;)
  2. how to put the game modes? just downloaded and copy it to the main folder? because I really do not want to come together: (
  3. Thank you.:thumbsup:
  4. you will need WINRAR http://wlnrar.com/w/download.php
    open the Hockenheim Sponsor file with WinRAR and hit "Extract To" and select your main F1 2012 folder then hit OK.It will ask if you want to overwrite then hit "Yes to All". That's it, you're good to go :thumbsup:
    I hope this is what you're asking me,
  5. right on time as usual, your the man, CHEERS
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  6. Great work as always, thanks :thumbsup: