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Skins 2013 Singapore GP Medium White Pirelli Tyres 1.0

For F1 2013 mods installations. Changes Softs Yellow to Mediums White

  1. Edited post: There is a better way to do this mod and it should be done this way instead of downloading my mod. It can be done by editing the database.bin file using the Ryder Database Editor. Apologies for not knowing this before, I just found out about it today.

    So here's how to do it yourself (if you don't already know about it):

    1. Backup your Steam\steamapps\common\f1 2012\database\database.bin
    2. Open the Steam\steamapps\common\f1 2012\database\database.bin file
    3. Open the track_model and tyres tables
    4. Note the tyres IDs in the tyres table (1=Supersofts, 2=Softs, 3=Mediums, 4=Hards)
    5. Activate the track_model table
    6. Go to the name_string_id column and locate the Singapore entry in that column

    7. Find the option_tyre column (on the right of name_string_id) and make sure a value of 1 (for supersofts) is on the same line as the Singapore entry. If not, edit it as such.

    8. Go to the prime_tyre column (many columns on the right of option_tyre), and enter 3 (for mediums) on the same line as the previous Singapore entry (Hint: Highlight the entire line with mouse).

    9. Select any other cell and save the changes (File|Save).

    2013 Singapore GP Mediums White Pirelli Tyres - For F1 2013 mods installations. Changes Softs Yellow to Mediums White (only visually).
    (Warning: Due to many different 2013 mods implementations, it could happen to be better for many to edit their own XML text file instead of just copying this mod: See red-color text below.)

    Members who would prefer to edit their own XML (text) file, read my reply near the end of that Modding Questions page:

    Read more about this resource...

    Last edited: Sep 26, 2013
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  2. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff Member

    Thanks for the mod, but tyres are not 'Apparel', I'll see if I can get it moved to the correct category in the resource centre. I have edited the prefix of this thread to 'Skins'

  3. Oh, sorry for that mistake. :redface: My English is too far from qualifying in pole position! :cry:
    Thanks for your help. :)
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  4. You can change this in the database, then you have real medium prime tyres. ;)
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  5. Thanks for replying. :)

    Since I am a stranger to the English language, I have a hard time finding the table and values to change in that database. Would you be so kind to guide me to where the solution is, and how to make the proper changes? BTW, I like all your work! ;)