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2013 provisional race calender

Discussion in 'Xbox One | F1 Championship' started by Rob Carver, Nov 16, 2013.

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  1. Aus - 1st dec
    Mal - 15th dec
    Chi - 22nd dec
    Bah - 12th jan
    Spa - 26th jan
    Mon - 9th feb
    Can - 23rd feb
    Bri - 9th mar
    Ger - 23rd mar
    Hun - 6th apr
    Bel - 20th apr
    Ita - 4th may
    Sin - 18th may
    Kor - 1st june
    Jap - 15th june
    Ind - 29th june
    Abu - 27th july
    Usa - 10th aug
    Bra - 24th aug

    Looking for everbodys thoughts on the above...obviously just a draft to get the ball rolling and get peoples ideas on amendments, date changes etc

    Let me know what you think guys...
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  2. I don't think many people will be about to race on 22 December - Christmas stuff gets in the way :ninja:
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  3. Yea i thought that would be the case - not a problem we can amend...any other thoughts people?
  4. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper
    Premium Member

    Yeah i'm away for Christmas and will be arriving in Manchester at the time of the race on the 22nd so would prefer that not to be a race day but if the majority want a race that day to avoid too long a break it's fine. Other than that the others seem ok.
  5. I know its not always possible but it i would rather everone was ok with it - the more we have on the grid themerrier...we will change this date as i think it may be the majority that cant attend on the 22nd rather than the minority
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  6. I have no problem with China's date, but I'm sure many will because of how close to Christmas it is.

    That is Easter, isn't it? No way I'd make it.

    Why the large gap between these two?
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  7. Why can't we start the league next Sunday the 24th?
  8. Ok so china is china is changing as too close to xmas - we know that now

    Not sure when easter is so someone will have to give me some dates lol

    I thought we could have some sort of summer break between end of june and july but if people dont want that thats absolutely fine - everything is open for discussion at the moment (if we dont have this break the season will end in july by the way)
  9. The day you've got for Spa IS Easter Sunday :laugh: so you might want to change that to the following weekend or something.

    But I'm fine with what ever, weekends aren't a problem for me so what ever suits everyone I'm fine with.
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  10. Spa the 26th jan?
  11. Belgium lol
  12. Haha my dates are good as you can tell lol what date is xmas day? lol

    Ok gents so china and belgium dates need changed...are there anymore that dont suit anybody? Revised calender is coming soon so nows your chance for input...lets say that the final race shedule will be the middle to end of next week...everybody okay with this

    @Karl Fuss this ok with you buddy?
  13. @Chris Hempsall middle to end of next week for final race schedule okay with you once we have and take everybodys comments on board?
  14. Karl is on holiday.

    Jerez and Brands Hatch need to go in.

    A 3 week break at Christmas will free up Easter.

    Aus - 1st Dec
    Mal - 15th Dec
    Chi - 5th Jan
    Bah - 19th Jan
    Spa - 2nd Feb
    Mon - 16th Feb
    Brands Hatch - 2nd Mar
    Can - 16th Mar
    Bri - 30th Mar
    Ger - 13th Apr
    Hun - 27th Apr
    Bel - 11th May
    Ita - 25th May
    Jerez -8th June
    Sin - 22nd June
    Kor - 6th July
    Jap - 20th July
    Ind - 3rd Aug
    Abu - 17th Aug
    Usa - 31st Aug
    Bra - 14th Sep
  15. From that calendar, I'd miss Canada, one of my favourite races too. But that's just me.
    Why not have a 3 week break over xmas/new year? I know it's a long wait for the next race, but it's the only time of year it'd have to happen.
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  16. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper
    Premium Member

    All looks good to me :thumbsup: Fourteen days countdown begins :)
  17. Wanna put some classics in :cautious:? I'd rather not but just my opinion :whistling:
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  18. I'm with Alex, but if you have/want to put them in shove them at the end, would rather run the season how it's supposed to be run then have two random tracks thrown in random places.
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  19. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper
    Premium Member

    Chris has already added Brands Hatch and Jerez in the renewed schedule.
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  20. Yeah but it's in random places in the actual season, I'd rather have them tacked on at the end personally.
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