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Abarthy Party! (LIVE)

2013 Petronas Malaysian GP

Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by Barnes, Mar 22, 2013.

  1. 2013 Petronas Malaysian Grand Prix Added Rolex and Fly Emirates Ads Added a 2013 Petronas Malaysian Grand Prix Podium

    2013 Petronas Malaysian GP
    sepang5.jpg sepang2.jpg sepang3.jpg sepang4.jpg
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  2. You are the best :)
  3. yo thanks but not finished
  4. One question: Is it that you want with this advertising banner?
  5. Nice one mate thanks for sharing :)
  6. I cant watch your videos Peppi, it says they are private.
  7. Excellent work as always Barnes!.

    Please keep them coming throughout the season mate!
  8. great work :)
  9. After watching practice again I noticed that the Rolex ads are doubled up. So I've been playing around and came up with this. I will go ahead and update it, so re-download it if you like it
    sepang5.jpg sepang6.jpg
  10. Looks good now like it is, with the doubled up ads.
  11. if you like it with 3 rolex ads don't update,if you like six like real life re-download after I update, I'm gonna do it now.
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  12. ups, sorry and now?
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  13. 0.1 - 1.0

    Doubled up the Rolex ads to reflect real life, please re-download if you like it. Sorry to everyone that has already downloaded .I will make sure to get it right the first time from now on.
  14. yep, I see it now. Thanks!
  15. is this the change in your update?
  16. Thanks for update track!
  17. Yes, doubled up Rolex ads. Ohhh,I also added "Fly" to the back of the brake markers on the ones that have Fly Emirates.
  18. Thank you very much !:thumbsup:
  19. No, I meant the front and back of the banners, which are so in the original, or you can not do anything, that they are different?
  20. CM only uses 1 texture for each ad.So if I change the Pirelli ad it will take away all Pirelli ads. So it looks like real life when you are driving, but in replays the back ads will be different in spots.