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2013 League discussion

Discussion in 'X360 | F1 Championship' started by Karl Fuss, Jul 24, 2013.

  1. Karl Fuss

    Karl Fuss
    last but not least

    Use this thread to put forth ideas for how we should set up the new 2013 season.

    For example: We will have the ability to run on some classic circuits in the new game, should we add them to the season as points paying events?
  2. 50% / 100% will be a voting thing after groups are set?
    How to invite new guys to have full grids all way long?
    Still on 2 weeks basis?
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  3. I think we should run the 2013 season as normal but have a "spin-off" series like the "Classic World Championship " (or named something similar) that features 80s and 90s cars on a short, 8 or 10-race season featuring the classic tracks, plus any of the current tracks that were used in those days. Essentially, a WDC using classic scenarios only. Could be run mid-week to avoid the 2013 leagues and could use old points-scoring systems, one shot qualifiers etc. Considering it'll be much harder to drive the cars, the challenge for us all will be greatly increased.
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  4. Calum McLure

    Calum McLure
    Did ye, aye? Premium Member

    Wish there was something we could do about this mid season drop off that we always have.

    What would people think about doing 2 shorter seasons? It has it's obvious up and downs but anything that keeps the grids bigger for longer is worth looking at I think.
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  5. I personally think it is a tough one to go with. Because a lot of the keen racers would much rather have a full season, unless you split it into two halves, like have a mini break like they do in real life.
    I personally would want to race a full season, but maybe if we had a mid season championship and the possiblity of driver line up changes or something along those lines to make the season stay interesting?

    Also rather than having the old tracks pushed into the current season, we always had the Time Trial test to help us be partnered to make the teams fair, as an idea, could it be worth using the old classic tracks for this? We will all be fairly new to them and it almost gives us an idea of testing, maybe rather than doing the times in time trial we could do a few practice sessions at each as well and just keep note of everyone's best qualifying times over the days and then work out a base average for everyone's times, just trying to find ways to make the pre-season a bit interesting for us all too. Could also use one of the classic cars if we did it by TT?

    In regards to the season, one thing I'd like to see more of was the Pit Lane, I'm sure there were reasons why Kyle couldn't keep this up, but I felt it just added a bit of feeling to the season with driver interviews, could it be worth seeing if someone from each of the leagues (depending how many we have) having someone who is happy to contribute to this, because then we could have a race report in a way to summarise each weekend.

    Are we going to stick to the same types of leagues again? One no assists 100%, one no assists 50%, 100% with assists etc. etc.?
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  6. I like the idea of the classic series and think that this is something we can run as a little diversion to the usual league racing. The club racing we had has largely dried up now so I think this could be something to replace that in midweek rather than just doing a race in preparation for the upcoming league races that we have traditionally done.

    Although very much a traditionalist and like to see things run as they are in real F1 I do think that this time with the new tracks available that it's worthwhile looking at alternative schedules something along the lines of what Calum is suggesting. I don’t neccesarily think it will keep any of the less committed people playing the game for any longer, I'm pretty sure that when the dust settles we'll be left with the same band of brothers we always do with a few new ones staying the course but maybe a change to the format will spice things up a bit for those of us that are always in it for the long haul. We have 23 tracks to play with including the classic tracks so there's plenty of scope to arrange those tracks into two or even three shorter seasons with a little break in between each. If this route is favoured though we may have to look at the points system, would we still drop a certain number of races for instance? In a shortened season I am not sure that would be worthwhile.

    If we do stick with the full season option is there any reason why we have to stick with the order of races that the real F1 runs. Could we not perhaps mix it up a bit, especially as we will not be running it in line with the real thing anyway and also we will have extra tracks that they don’t run on. Start off with a classic track, maybe Imola, move on to Canada, then Singapore, Jerez, Monaco, Melbourne, Brands Hatch, etc. We don’t have to be too rigid in this and I think it could be a lot of fun to run the season in this way.

    Regardless of the above there are a number of things that we need to look at as follows:-

    1) Is everyone still happy with the fortnightly schedule? It suits me fine but is that still the case for the majority?

    2) Race distance of course has to be re-visited. I assume a simple vote for all that are going to be competing will be held once again.

    3) If there is a 50% and 100% league again is there any value in staggering the race weekends as was mentioned when numbers were low in the Championship. That may be a way to keep numbers solid throughout the season as I am sure there are some 50% drivers that would perhaps like to race in the longer distance races sometimes too and vice-versa.
    4) Qualifying… do we stick with the current format or as was mooted in the Paddock do we look at something different, One Shot Qualifying or random grids. The latter could open up the way for more people to take part in the 100% races as it would shorten the event duration to about the equivalent time of a 75% race with qualifying which we were all happy with in 2011.

    I'm sure I'll think of plenty of other things as time goes by and we get more news on the new game but that'll do for starters.
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  7. Bram

    Roaring Pipes Maniacs | #27 Staff Premium Member

    Do you guys mind I join the suggestions party :) ?

    Would it be an idea that all current F1 2012 league owners stick their heads together and have a meeting with all of us on Teamspeak to see how we can more structure the leagues and casual races for F1 2013?

    Would love to help you guys out.
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  8. Karl Fuss

    Karl Fuss
    last but not least

    Your input is always welcomed Bram :)
    I would be up for this. And i'm sure there are one or two others in our group that would be as well. A weekend would work best for me as i'm in Canada (EST)
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  9. Generally echo along the lines of what Pete's thinking.

    I very much like the idea of staggering the different leagues in different weeks, this could help a lot when, as Pete already suggested the dust settles and we start to lose people. Id personally keep the Champ, Cup and GP2 options going with the same format we have now. I think this gives plenty of options an opportunity for the inevitable newcomers and has generally worked pretty well for the past 3 seasons in its various guises.

    Every fortnight is all good by me too. We have to remember that many of us who experienced the weekly races in 2011 eventually voted in the fortnightly schedule in order to tackle the dwindling numbers that had become affected by the relentless weekly schedule of racing. Im not dismissing going back to weekly races but having run with both id favourably vote fortnightly.

    Id like to see the traditional Qualifying for position. Im not a fan of this random grid business. I fully understand the reasoning behind it - particularly when you have a few drivers in each league dominate, but nonetheless this should be taken as a motivation to improve. The fastest will always gravitate to the front regardless of what handicap you give. This will not create better racing only open the door to incidents and disputes created by a mis-matched grid of drivers' speed in a random grid………...

    ……..A much missed driver, diplomat and steward from previous seasons once said, that an ambitious dive down the inside into T1 on a car or two that has Q'ed in front you is either brave or stupid. Usually the latter. Whilst not always true…its pretty accurate in my experiences and earning your rights on grid keeps it so those around you are of similar speed and competition.

    Il refer back to pro-am's which used to be massive fun in 2011. Fastest guys go in slowest 2011 performance cars and the slowest guys in the fastest chariots. Whilst this was truly great fun, it was only great fun because there was no points or championship to fight for. The closing speeds and unpredictability of racing against guys of wildly varying pace was at times frightening and bloody dangerous. Again whilst this was great fun, in a points paying championship this isn't so much fun when in a similar circumstance that could be created by random grids.

    Id prefer to keep it as it is, earning your rights on grid position and if your not happy with your position then improve. Simple. This isn't meant as any offence, but this is my stance on this particular issue.

    Personally id like to see the 2013 and retro business kept as separate entities. I am strongly against mixing these two disciplines / era's in a competitive league.

    Id just like to keep the 2013 game and season as it has been in 2010, 2011 and 2012 respectively. Any other retro bollocks should have its own season / league IMO.
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  10. Just a quick one as i read that most want to keep Champ, Cup and GP2. To me it makes sense if all are the same distance otherwise it will be misleading in the sense that apart from the assist drivers in GP2 Champ and Cup will not reflect the real value when coming to rank the quicker guys.

    Staggering races could help keeping the grid up in numbers but personally i'd like to have all the faster guys in the same league. When i joined RD i was thrilled to make my way up from the GP2 series to the Champ, leaving assists behind like it was a sort of carreer. So even if 50% is a format that gives me a sense of undone i would prefer to switch to a shorter distance in favour of a full grid

    Personally i like fortnigh events as gives more time to balance practice and real life

    Will do some maths but all in all an average of 20 drivers per race could lead to 2 full leagues, 1 fully no assist and one maybe mixed no assists GP2. Will elaborate further on this ...
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  11. Karl Fuss

    Karl Fuss
    last but not least

    I really wish we could have 75% distance back. That is probably the only way we could please everyone regarding race length. It was brilliant in 2011. We were able to sort the groups by speed, top 16 in Champ and rest in Cup. But even that had it's problems. People dropped out of Champ and none of the Cup guys wanted to move up and leave all their competitors and rivals behind in the other league.
    We had a distance vote before the beginning of this season and it was an obvious split almost down the middle btwn those wanting to do 100% and those wanting 50%. That made it easy to sort into Champ and Cup (and in hindsight we maybe should have changed the names to reflect the distance, not the calibre of driver).
    Even though it was easier to sort the drivers this season it didn't make it any easier to keep the drivers coming back week after week. We still had some significant drop off in numbers after the first few races. The only thing we haven't tried in this league is staggering the race weekends. And, as much as i don't want to do it, it might be the only way forward. This will allow drivers from the 50% league to join the 100% races if the need arises and vice versa.
    I think the important thing will be to find a compromise that keeps everyone in the same league and on the same forum pages. We don't just have a league of racers here, we have a community of friends (in my eyes) so to me it's important to keep everyone together in that way.

    At the beginning of the season we had almost 50 drivers split btwn the 3 grids. At this point in the season with only a few races left to run we are down to about half of that. The grids could be more full if the race weekends were staggered.
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  12. I personally think only having one week gaps back in season 2 was perfect! kept numbers up as people didn't lose interest. have a bad race, the next race was just 7 days away to make it right
  13. Great to see so many good points being made.

    Just one thing I would like to point out is that we did the whole sorting the league by speed thing in the last season of 2011 and it backfired badly. A driver shouldn't be forced to race in a league at a distance he isn't happy with just because his speed puts him in a certain group... there has to be freedom of choice or you end up with drivers dropping out part way through season because they aren't racing the distance they prefer.

    Unless a large majority want to go with one or other distance we have to keep both categories or risk losing drivers.
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  14. I agree it worked then but it became a real bind to many to have to race each week. Other commitments made the weekly schedule very difficult hence the majority choosing the fortnightly option instead. I fear a weekly schedule would see many people only competing in half the races and resulting in low turn outs.

    However, it should certainly go to a vote to ascertain everyone's preference.
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  15. everyone choosing the distance they want is fair but to me will not keep the numbers at an acceptable level during the season unless you mix assist with no assist.
    This of course will not make everybody happy but i think that is only TC related and if 2013 has the same behaviour as 2012 maybe is not a problem for those now racing full TC to move to no TC and allow automated gears? I mean that 2012 is by far much easier on TC if compared to 2011. Small difference with or without TC on 2012 isnt' it?
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  16. I've never used any assist so can't comment on the TC question but I'm sure there are others that can..

    The problem by not letting people choose the distance they race is that you immediately lose drivers. There are clearly people currently racing 100% that would not compete if forced into 50% racing and probably the same with some of the 50% brigade.

    Of course this is all conjecture at the moment until we know what peoples preferences are.
  17. My feeling is that full grids ovecome race lenght but mine is a conjecture as well :D
  18. Assisted GP2 option has to be in the league. Suggesting its easier to go no assist is probably true and yes the current crop would probably cope just fine. But this is under the assumption they willingly want to, and what about newcomers to RD and the game franchise?? Giving then limited options or basically no options regarding assists doesn't look or feel that great to me.
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  19. Karl Fuss

    Karl Fuss
    last but not least

    I just remembered... The other thing we will need to consider is the new console releases..... we may lose a few people to the new systems when they are released.
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  20. Good point Karl, not sure how many in here are going for the new boxes but as there won't be any F1 title on it maybe most will still hang around here for that.