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2013 FSR Fantasy League: Season Analysis

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Christian Smirnoff, Nov 17, 2013.

  1. Christian Smirnoff

    Christian Smirnoff

    After 12 exciting rounds and a thrilling championship battle with four contenders going into the final round, the 2013 FSR Fantasy League has come to a close. Switzerland's Franz Schnyder rounded up a brilliant season to be crowned the 2013 FSR Fantasy League Champion, ahead of Mikko Puumalainen and David Dominguez. 10 different managers participated in the Round Winners Draw, which was won by Wim van Velden, from the Netherlands. Both Schnyder and van Velden will enjoy a fantastic Thrustmaster Y-250C Gaming Headset!

    We are really thankful to all the managers who made the 2013 FSR Fantasy League a huge success! 128 managers from 35 different countries have taken part in this year's competition, scoring a total of 51272 points between them and making close to half a thousand driver transfers!

    Season Analysis

    In a season which had 11 different round winners, there were four main candidates who won two rounds each and fought for the FSR Fantasy League crown until the final round: Franz Schnyder, Mikko Puumalainen, David Dominguez and the 2012 FSR Fantasy League champion, Ondrej Kuncman.



    Schnyder, Puumalainen and Kuncman already showed their intentions in the first round, with all three taking the opening round of the season. Dominguez was 13th but just 10 points behind the lead. The second round showed strong performnaces from Schnyder and Dominguez, while Puumalainen and Kuncman were tied in 40th place. This second round was the only one after which one of the four candidates did not lead the standings.

    Schnyder had a great third round, taking the lead of the standings and a 49-point gap over Dominguez, the next candidate, who was 5th at the time, with Kuncman and Puumalainen barely making the top-ten. This gap would prove decisive later on during the season. Dominguez won the fourth round as Schnyder had one of the weakest rounds of his campaign. This result closed the gap and the candidates, already occupying the top-4 positions, were now all within 30 points.

    The fifth round had good performances from Dominguez, Puumalainen and Schnyder, while a weak one from Kuncman dropped him to 4th in the standings. The candidates were now separated by 36 points. The sixth round was won by Kuncman, with Puumalainen right behind. Despite decent rounds, Schnyder and Dominguez lost their gaps. Schnyder and Puumalainen were now tied at the lead, with Kuncman and Dominguez 3rd and 4th respectively. At this point, all four candidates were separated by just 7 points!

    Round 7 was again a great one for Puumalainen and Kuncman, who took the top two championships spots, dropping Schnyder to 3rd. All candidates were now within 22 points. Things tightened up again in the eighth round, with Dominguez and Schnyder recovering the lost ground. Puumalainen now led from Schnyder by a single point, with Kuncman and Dominguez just 6 and 10 points behind respectively.

    The ninth round had all candidates in the top 5, with Puumalainen winning. This win allowed him to increase the gap over Schnyder to 17 points, with all four candidates within 26 points. Round 10 saw Dominguez taking victory, right ahead of Schnyder and Puumalainen. Kuncman, 17th, lost ground he would never recover. The gap between Puumalainen and Schnyder remained at 17 points, with Dominguez just 2 further points adrift.

    In the penultimate round, Puumalainen was just 28th, dropping from the lead to 3rd, something that would eventually cost him the title. Schnyder grabbed the opportunity with both hands and won, retaking the lead after 5 rounds. Dominguez and Kuncman were also in the top-5. Going into the final round, Schnyder now led Dominguez by 18 points, with Puumalainen 32 points adrift. 60 points behind the lead, Kuncman remained an outside chance for a second FSR Fantasy League title.

    The final round was definitely a tense affair. The night before the season finale, all four candidates were yet to make any driver transfers. By the time the teams were locked, all four had used both transfers available to them, speculating with the driver allocations until the last minute to maximize their chances. Bono Huis' disqualification on a technical infringement would cause all of them to have a final round which was far from what they expected. Puumalainen was the best of the four (29th) and took advantage from Dominguez' 97th place to steal the runner-up spot. However, Franz Schnyder's 41st place was enough to preserve the gap and take the title with a 26-point gap from Mikko Puumalainen. David Dominguez ended 3rd, 50 points behind the champion, with Ondrej Kuncman 4th, 11 further points adrift.

    Franz Schnyder won the 2013 FSR Fantasy League crown by winning two rounds, leading after 7 of the 12 rounds and he was the only manager never to drop below the top-3 of the standings. It was definitely a well-deserved title for the Swiss manager. Mikko Puumalainen will be disappointed about losing a title he felt within his grasp in the final two rounds, but he has become the only manager to climb to the podium in both the 2012 and 2013 editions. David Dominguez, meanwhile, lost the chance at the final hurdle, being Schnyder's closest contender going into the final round, but will be pleased to make the podium. Ondrej Kuncman's chances of defending his title ended up slipping away in the final rounds, but he was again a force to be reckoned with.

    Congratulations to all four candidates and to the other round winners: Javier Álvarez, Wim van Velden, Benjamin Chong, Sam Jones, Victor Pau Bellver López, Fred Gosling and Amer Hammoud. Behind the top-4, Fred Gosling, Pedro Rodrigues, Eduard Mallorquí, David Izquierdo, Carlos Martín and George Tsoumalis completed the top-ten.

    Franz Schnyder's Road to Glory

    R4 Monaco: 1st (77 points)
    R5 Canada: 4th (74 points)
    R6 Great Britain: 2nd (89 points)
    R7 Germany: 21st (58 points)
    R8 Hungary: 8th (66 points)
    R9 Europe: 9th (70 points)
    R10 Italy: 6th (88 points)
    R11 Japan: 5th (93 points)
    R12 Korea: 5th (83 points)
    R13 Singapore: 2nd (96 points)
    R14 Abu Dhabi: 1st (96 points)
    R15 Brazil: 41st (36 points)

    TOTAL: 926 points

    See you in 2014!

    We would like thank all 128 managers who have taken part and everyone who has followed the 2013 FSR Fantasy League! We really hope you have enjoyed participating and that you are looking forward to the 2014 FSR Fantasy League!
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  2. Christian Smirnoff

    Christian Smirnoff

    What do you guys think about the performance of the top championship contenders?
  3. Franz Schnyder

    Franz Schnyder

    Headset arrived, thanks a lot :)
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  4. Christian Smirnoff

    Christian Smirnoff

    Great, enjoy it! :) A pic using the headset would be appropriate! ;)