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2013 Formula One Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Discussion in 'Formula 1 Race Comments' started by RaceDepartment, Nov 1, 2013.

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  1. RaceDepartment

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    2013 Formula One Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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  2. The McLaren's seem to be on the pace.
  3. It's still not enough though. Little better than average. With good luck they might make it to 3rd qualifying session.
  4. No wonder Kimi came late... He's not been paid.. at all! He said he's received 0€ from Lotus this season and seriously considered of not driving in Abu Dhabi.. Too bad they are parting in this kind of situations, Lotus gave Kimi perfect comeback vehicle and good atmosphere. And Grosjean is seriously aiming for a race win, could be a good race ahead.
  5. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Lotus didn't pay me either this year. Still I watch every race!!
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  6. There is still doubts if he drives in the last two races, Lotus can't afford to not have him in constructors championship, where Kimi has done his part perfectly.. Valsecchi simply can't secure them points enough and those points mean millions now.. Of course kimi has enough money to last few lifetimes but he's got only couple of years until those paychecks aren't coming anymore. Don't think many of us would show up when you haven't been paid in months..
  7. I know many people in Spain who was/is in such situation. Abandoning your (unpaid) job means losing unemployment compensations, so they keep going to work while the trial against their company slouches forward.

    Kimi has enough money and chances later to go or not go. Many don't have that luxury.

    (Please do not read hear any defense of any kind towards lotus actions)
  8. And now Kimi will start last:


    I wonder if Lotus will try to change his setup to make the car overtake a bit better, because with that very short 7th he's gonna be in trouble.

    If Lotus really hasn't paid Kimi anything this year, that's a very ridiculous situation. Then again, perhaps for Kimi the best chance to get paid is getting Lotus to second in the WCC, so they get the prize money. Not an easy decision at all.
  9. So Webber on pole we all know the luck he has had in the past and out of the last 4 Abu Dhabi races only once has the pole sitter finished
  10. Those huge runoffs are just ridiculous.. Watching GP2 races, they are gaining 50m "by accident". I like Davidsons idea: pool. with sharks on it.. But seriously, astroturf AND gravel traps are needed to stop drivers going off and not hurting. Doing PrestoGP training on race07 version of abu dhabi, where there's astroturf instead of painted asphalt.. Then going to F1 2012 where you have just tarmac everywhere, it's like a different track all together. There's no sense of danger, at all.. You can leave every braking way too late, you are not losing anytime, you don't need to do lockups, just go long.

    All in all, F1 and the supporting series need to put whitelines back as track borders. Or just give up and make "gates" where drivers have to go thru, how you get from gate to gate is up to you.. Now one driver respects track borders, one does not.
  11. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium Member

    I agree, the whole qualifying was a mess because of the runoffs. All drivers were basically all over the place...such a disgrace. A circuit should punish a driver for going off-track instead.
  12. Let's see if Grosjeans will put that Lotus into the podium once again. :)
    Btw, Räikkönen is running the shorter wheel base compared to Grosjeans, quite an interesting choice.
  13. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Webber still can't start!!!
  14. Yeah.. that's it for me. Kimi stumbled on 1st corner jam, Vettel took the lead, race over.
  15. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Anything can happen Kennett.

    (but probably not in F1 :D)
  16. It didn't.. Mostly listened the race playing BF without sounds...
  17. Another dominant performance from Vettel in his Red Bull. Webber's starts are his achilles heal, otherwise a good race for the Aussie. Very good race from Rosberg and also from Grosjean. Good comeback from Alonso, except when you look at his return to the track on his 2nd stop from Massa's onboard camera view, the Spaniard clearly left the track. Now we wait to see if a penalty will be assessed or if he will be given a freebee. Alonso might be given a freebee, because Sutil also cut the track when he was fighting Maldonado and Perez and he was never penalized. Too bad Raikkonen had his first lap accident. He would not have finished close to the podium, but it would have been fun to see how he could cut through the field.
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  18. Hulkkinen move on TR duo was nice.:ninja:
    What happened with Kimi? I thought he just stopped because he didn't want to drive.:cool:
    Vettel had average starts in last few races but Webber is "in other category". If Grosjean or Rosberg had Lewis's place at start Vettel would be second for few turns. And difference at the end would be only 27sec.:roflmao:
    I really like how Massa beat Alonso, both times:thumbsup: they were on track: 1st stint on same tyres, 2nd stint Alonso's few laps older. Although Fernando found place for overtake(hairpin), 3 years to late.:rolleyes: Why they took Felipe into pit when he wasn't losing time. He could finish 1 stop.:(
    As for Alonso I want to see 20sec penalty.

    P.S. I am Ferrari fan, but on leather love-like-don't like-hate, while Vettel is on don't like Alonso is way under hate.:cautious: Please, don't start argument because simple one person opinion.;)
  19. Calum McLure

    Calum McLure
    Did ye, aye?

    I think Kimi seen the amount of cars in front of him at the start and thought "F**k this, I'm crashing"
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  20. He wasn't... yet, but he probably was about to and it would've been already too late, if he DID start to lose time.
    No way in hell would Felipe come in, if he suspected it was just a strategy trick to push Alonso in front of him. He would at the start of the season, but now? :unsure:
    Besides, Alonso is pretty safe on 2nd place, while the team is fighting Mercedes for 2nd in the WCC, so they need both cars finishing as high as possible, doesn't matter which one is higher.

    "I have to squeeze through all that crap for FREE? Screw that, I'm going for an ice-cream" :D
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