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2013 DTM Season

Discussion in 'Motorsports' started by Hampus Andersson, Feb 5, 2013.

  1. [​IMG]

    1. Hockenheimring - May 5th
    2. Brands Hatch - May 19th
    3. Red Bull Ring - June 2nd
    4. Lausitzring - June 16th
    5. Norisring - July 14th
    6. Moscow Raceway - August 4th
    7. Nurburgring - August 18th
    8. Oschersleben - September 15th
    9. Zandvoort - September 29th
    10. Hockenheimring - October 20th
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  2. 2012 results,


  3. https://www.audi-motorsport.info/v2/public/en/2012/press-release/single/id/6743
    And from Rahel Frey's FB
  4. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Wow, so Daniel goes for the Di Resta approach via DTM to F1? If he can keep the same level of driving as last year in the F3 he will be finishing high, even in his first season as he should know all the tracks by now.
  5. Ralf out, Pascal in.

    Mercedes doesn´t look to strong now i have to say.
  6. they don´t need it imo. It´s been fantastic racing last year.
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  7. Some pictures of the 2013 Audi. Last picture is 1920x1080 for the Audi fans who want to use it as wallpaper or whatever.

  8. And here´s the DRS system,

  9. BMW drivers having some fun,

  10. BMW DTM car chart.


    Glock´s car looks so sweet.
  11. Ok so now it´s set it seems. Some new regulations for 2013.

    • DRS, every driver can use it once per lap anywhere they like, will be deactivated automatically when the driver hits the break.
    • Option tires. Up to a second faster for the first five laps then the harder compound.
    • Pit window has been increased, the first and last 3 laps is the only time tire changes is illegal so pretty wide windows for next year.
    • Guys breaking into Q4 can now use fresh tires instead of the old Q3 tires.
  12. Wittmann is looking very strong, topped several testing days now.
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  13. Some more info,

    Within the next 3 seasons they will kill of the 90 degree V8 engines and get replaced with 2 little four bangers, turbocharged of course.

    And possibly a BOSCH spec KERS system.
  14. An hour to go for live Qualifying on youtube. just a heads up,
  15. Now they say this....F´n joke...

    "Watch the qualifying of the DTM live on YouTube. Due to right issues you cannot watch the live stream in the following countries: Germany, Brazil, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Romania, Hungary, Thailand, Israel, Malaysia, Brunei, Portugal."

    But download proxtube and it will unlock the video.
    However the stream seems to be broken right now. Great job DTM, well done boys.
    Edit: Now video works atleast.
  16. People expect too much. Livestreaming isn't a concept that anyone has mastered yet, considering DTM are giving out a free livestream is wonderful, I don't expect miracles from companies who've been streaming for a few years now, I sure as hell don't expect DTM to go smoothly right off the bat.

    Saying that the stream is fine now. Much smoother than WEC at the moment too.