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Skins 2013 Car and Garage Scene PSD 1.0

Car in Garage Scene for Ratracing

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  1. The only problem mate that you only provided the mercedes and not the rest. And I don't know how can I remove the car from the scene so In keyshot I can put other car in the garage.
  2. Dont know m8 , only upload because was going to delete it , maybe could do a collection of different cars and garage scenes but have no time , open the PSD within CS6 export as collada , then in 3dsimed and then remove the car and add new one , or open in 3ds max and then remove car and add new one :thumbsup:
  3. Great. I don't own any of those programmes so that's gotta be hard.
  4. you not have 3dsimed m8 , download the free trial from simgarage I think it lasts about 21 days then just make use of it
  5. Well I don't have time for that really. I thought there is an easy to remove the cars but it seems without those programmes it's impossible. BTW if you have any free time to spare and would be so kind to make 3 seperate versions of this 1 with ferrari,1 with mclaren and 1 with ferrari but of course if you say no that's ok too.
  6. No problem at all m8 , I will do it over the next 2 weeks or so just remind me , have not a lot of time at the minute and getting loads of message again , on here and youtube people requesting my 3.1 version of my ultimate realizm mod , not mentioning anymore updates about anything just will release when I am ready you know what people are like just want things now even if its not even finished lol
  7. Haha yep you're right. Lot of people were asking about my car mods long ago while it wasn't even near being finished. I know the feeling m8. No problem. Take your time. Take care of your personal things first. I won't be depressed if you won't make it in 2 weeks just take your time.
  8. Ops I need one with redbull too ,mate. Forgot to say it and wrote 2 ferrari instead of 1 :D
  9. I make you what you want
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  10. That thing?Which thing? :O_o:
  11. A little Teaser for you m8 , thats not been done before ,
    The 2013 Front End Showroom with RB9 , done with cross section and made into PSD including textures :whistling:
    Front end showroom , with RB9.jpg
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  12. ends with no m8 lol ;)
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  13. Still don't have a clue :DDD
  14. Is that showroom any good for you m8
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  15. Good but I prefer the garage because I would like to show the garage too. That showroom is epic too , it's a shame that I cannot change the model for that showroom , only those can who have 3dsimed.... Would be good for all cars . But the garage scene would be good with redbull,ferrari,mclaren.

    BTW. The thing you want starts with the word "K"?
  16. ;)
    His this the type of thing you want m8 ?
    Custom classic garage with RB9
  17. Well 1 garage would be enough. No need for the teammate's. So the thing you want start with the word "K"??
  18. :whistling:
  19. ;)