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2013 Broadcast Feedback

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Nick Rowland, May 20, 2013.

  1. Hello all,

    We have had four races now of the 2013 season and I was hoping to get some feedback from viewers and/or drivers of what they think of the broadcasts this year across all three categories? (WT, WS and WC).

    We are looking for feedback on the positives and negatives, along with where and what we can improve. Please give us your honest thoughts and opinions. Constructive criticism is always welcomed.

  2. Pretty nice job this season, I really like your coverages guys :) .

    Only thing what I think would be nice is - there's button to stop the camera movement ( like freeze ) .
    For example in Canada on first few laps pausing the camera on last corner and giving a nice picture of cars behind the leaders and giving pretty nice look going into the corners.
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  3. It would be nice to interview the podium after the race :)
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  4. I watch all WT broadcasts and I like them, good works. I can say that sometimes James and Lewis don't remember all drivers or all team names, but we are more than 50 simdrivers and there are many "client teams" in WT, so it's understandable. In Monaco, during the race, there were some troubles with replays (we can hear comments but we can not see all replays), but this is to be fussy..;)
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  5. They make a great effort... Now they called Martín (like it is :D)
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  6. It's quite good broadcast this year :) As Antonio said,I really enjoy it :p
    You mean "Martiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin ? :DD

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  7. Sometimes it's funny when in broadcast we see an epic battle or a big crash, but the commentators keep talking about what they look at in the server.

    Well, actually it gives the viewers even more information as the BC doesn't always manage to show the most important things on the track (still better than in real F1 lol), and the commentators cover that; and when commentators doesn't see the right thing, the BC shows it.

    Still it's a bit weird at times :p

    But all in all, I really enjoy the commentating, great effort ;)
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  8. On the technical side I'd say image quality and smoothness are rather poor for todays standards. Engine sounds coming through during commercials...
    I have expressed my interest to help with these things, but it seems FSR rather stays in the boat they've chosen.
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  9. From a spectators point of view I thought last years broadcasts seemed more complete and together, apart from the technical issues suffered sometimes....
    This year broadcasts seems okay but need a bit more work to match the professionalism of togetherness compared to last seasons. There seems to often be a lack of communication between camera man and commentators, like they are sometimes doing different broadcasts (At least compared to last year where there seemed to be some kind of bond between them?) At least I have had very little technical issues this year though sofar...

    I agree.
  10. I have also asked you to help the Broadcasting team, which you refused sadly. We have a Broadcaster service and we have to stick to their rules.
  11. Javier Alvarez

    Javier Alvarez

    I have seen all races except one... and I must admit that I have very few suggestions to improve.

    1.-As Antonio said, the fixed camera would give a nice picture of the race situation.

    2.-I don't think it's really a critical point to rely on statistics, with some exceptions such as some relevant records. But of course, the Teams could provide the commentators with some facts and figures if they want to highlight something. Hence, I suggest this must be a task for the teams. My specific suggestion is to provide an email or contact to send information to the commentators prior the races.

    3.-I have noticed that the broadcasts take care of the whole race, not only of the top 5 drivers. this is something which makes the races more interesting, congratulations.

    4.-A constraint of the mod is that we can't see the tire compound being used. This could be interesting for the broadcast. I agree with Ondrej that a small chat with managers during the race could provide more information.

    Again, congratulations for the work.

  12. In my defense on that one, I was feeling ill over that weekend with some sort of infection, so I was doing the best I could despite feeling rough and tired. Covering all 3 broadcasts in one weekend whilst under the weather can make someone a little accident prone commentary wise :p

    That said, on the research thing - you said about Bono matching Kolbe's tally of race wins. While it is a relevant statistic, and there is a statistics page on GPCOS, it only counts for overall FSR stats rather than individual ones for each of the 3 series. I'm definitely one that likes to do my research and have the facts and figures so that I'm clued up as possible. But unless it's pointed out to me like you just did with the Huis-Kolbe stat, it's easy for someone like me to miss it. This isn't a gripe at all by the way, just being honest :)

    But I'm certainly happy that I'm continuing commentary duties for FSR this season. I really hope you guys are enjoying my commentary and that my aim is to continue improving with each broadcast. :)
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  13. Thanks Ondrej, that's very helpful! Definitely going to look to use that this weekend :)

    Guys I would like to ask - what do you think of my commentary in the World Series and World Championship so far? Is it entertaining enough, is it engaging? Is there more that I could be doing to improve? Is there anything you feel I should be incorporating and/or anything I should do less of? Please do give me some honest, constructive feedback. It would be very much appreciated. I'm always looking to continue improving! :)
  14. Just saw yesterday WT broadcast and there was a good improve!

    I still think that interviewing the podium should be a great option.
  15. I would also appreciate some feedback, with this being my first season (excluding the winter series) that I have ever done this sort of commentary, a few tips and pointers and constructive criticism will be much appreciated
  16. If you need a driver for commentating here I am (except for the world trophy series :giggle:)