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2013 Aviva Pekoe (released)

Discussion in 'Racer Cars' started by 2o6, May 30, 2012.

  1. 2o6


    Here it is, one of the first "newly" modeled Aviva's.

    Releasing before I lose interest, I know the model has some issues (holes) but I think it's a riot to drive.

    - The model itself is a competitor to many A-segment city cars like the Fiat Panda, Toyota AYGO, Citroen C1, Ford Ka and Chevy Spark

    - Power comes from an 800cc turbo making around 74HP (thanks Cosmo) or a 1.3L naturally-aspirated four-cylinder making around 107HP

    - Sounds are from the Renault Espace....sorry Skybh. Can't find any suitable four-cylinder sounds

    - Some of the interior textures are the same

    - No mirrors

    - Indicators work, but they don't indicate inside. Sorry.

    - Exterior gauge is from the Fiat Panda.





    (there might be a hole in the console....needs a shifter. Oops)




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  2. 2o6


  3. After a realy fast test, the model needs some smoothing groups and a bit improved wire frame

    But the design is realy nice !! Also i don't like interior display :(
    Handling seems to be ok :)
  4. It's a bit of a shame not to see more responses for new and scratchmade content here - there's a lot of thought and effort put into these compared to the template conversions you see all over the screenshot thread.

    A compact vehicle with reasonable performance and good maneuverability as well as economy, the Pekoe fits well into the current automotive market. To me, the design took some getting used to, but over the course of it's pre-release life it actually matured well and proportions are quite nice by now.

    There's still a lot of smaller stuff that if present or refined, would improve the appearance even more though. Proper panel thickness for roof and inner lining such as the doors have it, black window frames, working mirrors, more ergonomically dimensioned seats, brake disc and caliper models, an underbody panel...

    As skybh mentioned, the mesh itself still has some odd reflections and I would say that elements such as the lights could use more detail in both 3D and texturing.

    On the other hand, the Pekoe comes with fully working lights, including reverse, turning signals and hazards. It also features several trim levels, which is nice.

    Handling wise, it's not overly planted, but appropriately conservative and with reasonable limit behavior. Short wheelbase makes it a bit pitch sensitive, but overall the ride quality is fine.

    The car folder could use a bit more cleaning up - .bak files, empty development folders, textures and sounds spread out over several subfolders, some uncompressed texture files left in there (and still uses .bmp ? ;) ) and it's missing the important readme file.

    From working with 2o6, I know he is eager to continue improving his creations and it would be great to have others join in and leave their comments and feedback as well. That way, we can all enjoy more quality content in Racer in the future.
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  5. 2o6


    Thanks, it's really appreciated. It's a shame no one actually cares how a car drives anymore. Just if the model looks good, and it rolls.
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  6. I tred the 800cc model and found it drives reasonable well but there were a couple of Qlog errors. Everyone knows that if there are Qlog errors I will find them.

    Just check your Qlog for erros after making a change and if you find one then by all means fix it before releasing a car/track. Then I won't have to complain. lol
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  7. Drove it, like the "cheap"feel of the car!
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  8. 2o6


    Thanks for the comments.
  9. Well I just drove both engines, the 800cc seemed very peppy in around town kind of situations, but lacked any real top end power. The 1.3l seemed around town to be about the same, but seemed to get up to 120 kmh a lot faster then the 800cc. Both also seemed to understeer quite easily, using a roundabout, I go only go about 50 kmh before the car tried to understeer its way out.

    I did notice some issues with the car, which the speed is very easy to read, its very hard to make out what rpms you are at. The driver's seat view was also actuallly too far left, so the A-pillar was blocking quite a bit of your forward vision. I also noticed when you turn your wheel to the left lock (might do it with the right as well) the engine stalls out. Also noticed when I pressed the views to look left, right, and behind, they were set far too low. But I did like the headlight design, infact the whole design doesn't look bad at all and some of the wavy seeming normals work with it really.

    Overall I'd say its a funky little cheap car, that could be much better with some small but noticeable improvements made.
  10. 2o6


    Harey, don't forget it is a city car geared and performance more so initial torque and acceleration rather than outright speed. Understeering is due in part to the low-grip "eco-friendly" tires the car uses; it's about the same limits of most small cars I have driven. On the track, it's actually quite froggy, I would say. Short wheelbase and tall height makes it a little froggy in longer sweepers. Coupled with the fact I stiffened the rear ARB and reduced toe-in at the back to encourage slight oversteer and reduce understeer (coupled with more front camber to improve turn-in). I think this setup makes the car more realistic, IMO too many cars in racer that don't feel realistic to drive at all.

    I haven't had the car stall out at full lock. I don't understand why that happened to you....

    The camera are a copy-paste from the Renault Laguna.....not all that great in figuring out how these things work.

    Thanks for the comments, I really appreciate the feedback. I should have another release in a few weeks.