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2012 Season

Discussion in 'Team ORSM' started by MyHolden#11, Jan 26, 2013.

  1. Hey Guys, will Team_ORSM be releasing the rest of the 2012 Season?

    Cheers MyHolden11
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  2. Woot, +1! :p
  3. as Doug62 said in another thread most likely not because it's no even been discussed in the group.
  4. hopefully some one will say something about if it's being done or not soon so others can either do it themselves or contribute
  5. I'm making good progress on the late season Jim Beam cars and plan to do the Tru Blu Bathurst design (pretty easy) and the final round Vodafone cars (shouldn't be hard either). It would be nice to know if I'm wasting my time though.
  6. ea_silver_ghia, I do not be the only one waiting for them.
    So no you do not waste your time working on it.
    And thank you in advance.
  7. ea_silver, You are definitely NOT wasting your time !! i cannot wait for the late season Jim Beam cars !!! thankyou in advance!! :D :D :D
  8. I find it funny when doing something for yourself is see as a waist of time. If you don't want to, then don't do them. Do something else.

    But doing these will give those that don't want to or just don't have the skills to do them can share your work.

    Doing these will show how committed you can be regardless of whether someone else is doing them to.

    I know a mod team who needs great painters to help work with them. Good painters are a dime a dozen. Great painters are committed to what their doing regardless.

    If we (ORSM) do release these cars people may decide yours are better, so they keep them over ours.

    The only waist of time is if you don't put your best into every car you do just on the off chance that someone else may do them,

    This goes for all you painters out there, this is not just for SG..
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  9. Yeah, good point. Every car I do, I aim to make it as accurate as possible. It does feel like a nice achievement whenever I finish one, and the designs will come before too long.
  10. Honestly, I'd take updates to the interior and sounds before skins...
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  11. So guy's, How'd we go with this? Did someone get together the rest of the 2012 season liveries?
    I know their a year old now but still, if they were to be done would you bother getting them?

    There's nothing that I know off being done for the 2013 cars, + nothing that I am aware of is being done towards rFactor 2.
    Personally, I've lost interest in rF2 and it's way of doing things. It's just not friendly at all and still after all this time full of issues.
  12. Eck Simpson

    Eck Simpson

    Most certainly Doug. If work were to continue into '13, in rF1, I'd get that too. rF1 is still where most of my online racing is done. rF2 is mostly one off, now and again racing, for me atleast.
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  13. upload_2014-5-11_16-33-26.png
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  14. The Pepsi Max cars look sick!
  15. upload_2014-5-11_17-1-14.png
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  16. Very nice!
  17. nice paints is there a download link for these cars doug62 ?
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  18. any links of skins for 2012 season?
  19. I still hope to see the rest of 2012 liveries. The whole team has always made a wonderful job on each season released for V8 Unleashed that made the 2012 season a kind of miss, expecially for some retro Bathurst liveries. I still hope to saw them run virtually. So keep considering to made them see the light one day. Thanks.
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