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2012 season

Discussion in 'Team ORSM' started by Doug62, Jun 6, 2012.

  1. A PM to me reads.do u no how far away the 2012 car will be?
    I thought it best just to answer it openly.
    We have currently got up to Phillip Island. There's was mention of releasing 2012 at this stage in the season but I've not heard anymore about it.
    Frankly I'm a little disappointed in you lot! It wasn't that long back we would see skins coming from all over the place and some were quite well done.
    Now it seems your waiting for someone else to do it for you.
    I miss seeing the work coming out the community garages. I'm always willing to help with criticism to tale you were I think you've gone wrong!;)
    You just have to learn how to except and learn from it, Not get all fired up and stupid because someone else can see what can be done to make it that much better.:rolleyes: Criticism is actually good when used the right way!
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  2. Bram

    Roaring Pipes Maniacs | #27 Staff Member Premium Member

    I think you should use quotes as it now looks you posted this :)
  3. U not releasing 2012 :o no!!!!! Lol but I do understand
  4. he didnt say that mitch
  5. i only new to all this so i just starting to learn how to make liverys. but u do such a great job of them. i do hope they come out soon tho i am really looking forward to it to the 2012 cars.
  6. I had started to do some of these skins, but then I saw the level of work that you posted and I thought, stuff it. His look soo much better then mine. So I thought I would wait for the release of your official skins. TBH I haven't even installed rFactor on this current windows install yet...

    Having said that, if there is anything I can do to help. Let me know and I will install photoshop and rFactor again. :)
  7. haha... I'm sorry, I thought (A PM to me reads.do u no how far away the 2012 car will be?) Would be self explanatory.

    The rest is my post. Though I did have it spaced out better for subject changes but the submitted post closed up all that. Not sure why.
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  8. Ummm Did I say that?????:speechless:
  9. just keep waiting... the season isn't even finished, would be abstract do download 3 packages of the season. I'll personally keep focusing after the season is done. There's more in life, if you disagree templates are there, who's holding you back to help out :)
  10. Doug..I hear ya mate and its bollocks....

    we all do this stuff on/in our spare time...If that doesn't suit the leeches time frame for when they want stuff well then stiff bickies.

    Keep up the work you do when you do it :)

    To those that are whinging/pestering please stop and keep you pants on and im sure the goodness will be released when its ready and the ORSM crew is happy with it.
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  11. OI ESP - Get off ya high horse and back into the office and finish those Fuji skins.
    muahahaha!!!! just stiring ya!

    Yeah it does sound like a bunch of 14yr old whinging like a broken record every week.
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  12. Don't mean to be on the soap box but this is something all mod groups have to put up with..

    We do this for the love of it..not for profit...crikey no bugga pays for stuff anymore..LOL
  13. its just a question.... cant see how its whinging. it doesnt bother me when it comes out i was just seeing if there was a set release date no biggie i am only new to the game i dnt see any harm in asking a question.

  14. That's fine sawty, No problem.

    Like ESP said, It's not like the question hasn't been asked before. Just be aware we are working on them. We haven't put down the paint brushes just yet.
  15. Hey Doug - when's the 2012 cars coming out - I have a bet on it.
  16. i seen some that u have been working and they look amazingly real.
  17. Hey Flash, When's the Date you picked so I can not release on that date he he
  18. I'm betting that it won't be in June. ;) I have left you three weeks that it won't be..... Go on prove me wrong Heheheheh.
  19. I'd like to try and give some of you some perspective on the painting proses.

    please, This is not meant as put down to anyone! Please just see it as it's meant to be, To give some perspective for those that don't know the work that some liveries take to create.

    This example is just a small insight into one of the Fujitsu cars I did for ESP & Mutes Fujitsu 2011 mod.

    The car. Firstly we need to find reference for them. Side, Front, Back, and roof. Roof is often the hardest part to get good pictures of so painters can get you the most accurate reproduction possible.

    Now this is the car,

    This is the decal that's on the bonnet,

    To make this I first needed something to work with. With a combination of things that I could drag together I got this,

    From this I spent 9 or so hours with the pen tool to make a usable vector. A vector can be re sized to any size, Up or down without loosing it's clarity, Or sharpness. jpg, png or any other format want increase in size that much over it's original without going so blurred it becomes useless.

    Anyway this texture is now ready to be used,

    If you go to this thread http://www.racedepartment.com/forum...-make-a-2011-fujitsu-series-mod.27043/page-10 Go to near the bottom of that page and have a look at the renders of all the cars by all the painters that have put so many hours into making this Fujitsu season together you'll find the end rendered result of this. Remember the texture I've shown you here is only one part of this livery that needed to be made, The Love My on the side and bonnet was done the same way.
  20. The whole team at ORSM thank you for that. We all try to bring you the best possible result.

    @ FlashQld; Well you can see from Bacon's response I'm not in control over the release dates. He has his part to add as dose the rest of our team so it'll be released when we all deem it ready. As you know with your own mod team it needs structure and order. Without this things can go wrong real fast. No one releases anything without it being fully tested and everyone is satisfied it's not going to cause issues for the end user.

    Yes even then it still does happen but we do our best to keep that to as a small a group as possible.