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2012 season

Discussion in 'F1 2011 Mods' started by Richie Hill, Dec 29, 2011.

  1. Hi folks,

    I noticed last year that a 2011 season mod was released updating the game to the new season. Looked fantastic work.

    Who will be wanting to make car and helmet skins once the new ones are released? I will hopefully be able to make some helmets.

    Let me know your thoughts on the mod that will update us all when the new season comes around!

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  2. just restarted the 2011 season PLEASE!!!!
  3. OK
    I am interested about your suggestion and i would like you to give me more details about it. Also we have to find a way how to protect our work from different sites such as f1pole.de which are presenting them as there selves.
  4. The likelihood of a 2012 season update is entirely dependent on the modders' interest in the game. Maybe it's the Christmas season, maybe it's the lack of polish by Codemasters (again) but I think we are going to have a few of them move on. I would love to see a 2012 update but consider this: The 2011 update for the 2010 game came out in March amidst feverish development and even more feverish demand. I think that same demand would be there next year but I'm not sure how many of the devs would be interested.

    If I remember correctly we had Ryder, ML2166, kab00m, Rini Braat, Zeno Dyk, pmgl71 to name a few as active modder's in the community. They know how hard it was to do the total conversion, they know the stupidly impatient and demanding users, do they want to do that again?

    Besides, Codemasters will be releasing their own 2012 season update, it's called F1 2012!
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  5. not doubting, but u could link that in the forum, nah? its actually hot news.. =D F1 already released the new driver official list?

    I could give some support in the graphic work / Game Menus / skinning (im getting old at that) if u like.. not sure if someone still remember me here thus =D
  6. I understand this type of Mod requires the modders' interest, that's really why I wanted to start this thread. We all understand and are hugely grateful for the work these guys put in.

    I moved over to PC only this year and it is exactly this type of work that has seen me enjoy F1 2011 to its fullest. Their work is the reason I cast aside the Xbox 360 version.

    So the choice is ours! Come on guys we can make the update as you did last year. New members like myself want to learn from the pros but we still need the old hands.

    Who's with me??

  7. fantastic Luh! That's the spirit!
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  8. It needs an actual coder / programmer to work on the AI files, converting, spreading files.... Think u must get in touch with Ryder and ressurrect him from his tomb =D
  9. There is no chance to tweak the AI this year. Every change messes up the game, especially out of sight pace.
  10. No I am purely talking about new skins for 2012 cars and new driver line ups. Things we have already changed.
  11. But not the guy in the previous post.
  12. I can help too, cause I already edited language and database files so I have all the correct info for all drivers for the 2012 season so far. I converted driver line-up to the one for 2012 season, edited date of births, driver info texts, etc. ;)
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  13. i would rather play the new f1 game that codies are going to release in early 2012 called f1 online the game or something like that and its FREE!
  14. I am guessing that f1 online will be like other free to play games: Free to play, pay to win.
  15. Great to see support for this growing.

    Blazing RICO that's excellent news! When we have the final line ups for2012 season could we ask you to provide those files?!

    Great to see support for skin developers too. Anyone else want to put their name forward for skins and helmets? I guess we will need to wait for the cars to be unveiled to start the skins.

    Calling all skin developers, we need your help!

    Also do you think rd will want to be involved like last year?

  16. @hill
    well have you seen the message I sent to yourself?
  17. @ Hill

    I'll upload the files when everything for the 2012 season regarding driver line-ups, car chassis names etc are known ^^
  18. @ BlazingRiCO

    Have you swapped all the names in the driver questions within the language file?

    I've done the same thing as you and have changed all the driver questions, driver names/profiles etc, the track data and records, and all the little bits in menus to say 2012 instead of 2011 etc etc. For now I have Sutil in Williams and left Liuzzi at HRT.

    I have corrected team pitlane order 2012 and swapped team orders where appropriate (ie Button/Hamilton). This includes driver nationality/stats/car number etc. This is done in the dat file.

    I've got all the driver pics updated etc. All that's missing are helmets really. All new drivers get the helmet of their predecessor. Helmets swapped ok for team order changes, both in game and cut scene.

    I've also updated the F12011 logo to F12012 and have fixed up the inside of the motor home graphics so the posters and calendar on the wall say 2012 instead of 2011. I've updated the Caterham trucks too. If these are useful, let me know.

    The only thing I can't update is the 2011.exe splash screen. GRRRRRR.!!!

    Track order this year is the same (if you have Istanbul in-lieu of Bahrain and Nurburgring in-lieu of Hockenheim). And not Texas obviously. But this beggars these questions:

    Is it possible to swap Istanbul/Bahrain Nurburgring/Hockenheim? Bahrain and Hockenheim were in 2010 afterall.
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  19. I've done the same as you then, except the driver question part and the update of the 2011 logo in posters and calendars :)
  20. Good to see lots of enthusiasm here still - I've been a bit dissapointed at the lack of mods since the server move. We also need a "proper" mods section again, having just a forum is really not working.

    P.S - Great to see you here Mr Pibb (From a fellow grandprixgames.org'er!)