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2012 Season, what GP are you planning to attend?

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Alex Avdyushin, Jan 8, 2012.

  1. Hey guys

    I'm interested in hearing who is planning to attend what Grand Prix in the 2012 season if any. :)

    I was thinking of going to Montreal, since I live in Toronto it seemed like an obvious choice and especially considering the last Canadian GP to be arguably the best of the season. :)

    However, I calculated the costs and thought that it wasn't really worth it since the Montreal track is not the best from a spectator's point of view.

    So I went ahead and bought a ticket for the Spanish Grand Prix. :) Going to Spain for sightseeing and seeing an F1 race was just too good of an idea. :D (It's also in May so flight tickets are less expensive). Planning to spend a week in Barcelona and a week in Madrid + regional cities.

    I know the races are not as exciting but the viewpoints for spectators are amazing. I got a seat at Grand Stand L, a good panoramic view of turn 1 and turn 5. The last chicane is also a good spot but I decided against it as the first corner will be where most of the action (hopefully there will be some) should take place. :)

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  2. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    I just saw that today you could buy cheap tickets for the Spa GP via ..... groupon :). I would love to go to the Monza GP once, who knows this year :)
  3. Both Spa and Monza look like good races on the calendar to combine some touristy stuff with an epic F1 race, both being somewhat off the high season. :)

    Of course Monaco would be the jewel of them all but I bet the prices are just otherworldly. :)
  4. If i ever went i would sit at a braking zone. Just to get more of an idea on how insane the braking are in the cars.
  5. Last year, I saw Monza and it felt quite good. This year I am planning to see Monaco GP as I will be in the city of Nicé,France. I normally was going to attend Valencia GP but because I will see the Monaco GP, I gave up that idea. Anybody else teaming up for the Monaco GP? Drop me a line or two.
  6. I'm planning on attending the Canadian GP. I've heard the best spot to sit is at the hairpin, but not the tip of the hairpin. Sit at the sides because there's no runoff between the grandstand and the track.
  7. I'm off to Silverstone for the second year running, was at Stowe C in 2011 going on Club corner in 2012 to see the start and the last corner action, i think i've got a film of Massa and Hamilton side by side coming through Stowe because i ran down to the fence before the end of the race so i could get a head-start in getting onto the track. I'll link you some.
  8. James Maskell

    James Maskell
    "Remember the name! Tommy Vercetti!"

    I went to Spa last year :) Was awesome. Saw the GP2 guys from just at the top of Eau Rouge. And saw Daniel Ricciardo watching the gp2 guys at the top of Eau Rouge :) Then went further along the straight for the f1, most amazing sounds from the blown diffusers, the noise that came out of the lotus (caterham) was amazing. Oh and the sound from the safety car was nice but the roar behind it was much better :p In 2004 i went to Magny cours sat just after the crossover bridge before the hairpin where they reach max revs and start to brake. Amazing once again, but i found the 911's louder then the f1's. I wish i was going to melbourne this year but no chance, save some money and go next year maybe.
  9. http://imageshack.us/g/818/silverstone011.jpg/
    Some of the clearest pictures, i'll upload Massa vs Hamilton vid when i can.

    @ James The sound is just incredible isnt it? I'm jealous of the fact you got to go to Spa, that Lotus sound is so unique, it seems to growl at low revs and roar at high revs, totally different to the other cars.
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  10. Im gettin my B-day present into attending the Monaco GP

    why not the USA race u may ask as an American....maybe cuz im bored of this new tracks...classics are classics :)
  11. That's one awesome Birthday present I must say, Diego. :D

    My ticket at Spanish GP includes access to any grandstand on Friday practice so it would be a good opportunity to see the cars from different perspectives, including the last chicane.

    It's too bad there won't be blown diffusers this year :( That sound was incredible on TV and I can only imagine how it would be on the track. :o
  12. Grandstand 21 or 24? You better get em soon before they are all sold out. :)
  13. Standing tickets for the Hungaroring are not very expensive, so maybe. It's more likely though that I'll visit WTCC instead.
  14. Maybe i´m tired here but could i possibly have come across a person that likes that noise? :)
    Had me almost stopping watching F1 and i can´t imagine how the fans at the track would feel like, it sounded like crap for gods sake.
  15. Really? I think it sounds mighty, like cracking thunder. It's definitely a unique sound. :)

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  16. My ears area bleeding!!! :) It sounds like the engine wants to kill itself every time :)
    I would rather hear clean throttle blips then that.

    Frankly i don´t know what´s worse, this or the horrible TCS sound.
  17. I thought the loudest part was if a car crashed, at Silverstone i had just arrived at the circuit when Kobayashi crashed in FP, i walked up to the fence and looked over and suddenly saw Kobayashi slam into the wall, the bang was incredible i've never experienced anything like it.
  18. James Maskell

    James Maskell
    "Remember the name! Tommy Vercetti!"

    Yeah i watched Hamilton and Kobayashi tangle and that was only a soft hit on the wall for Hamilton but it was still so loud. But the sound from the Lotus was just, i dont have words for it, it was that amazing. It smacks you in the chest when they back off, so happy the safety car came out just to experience that.
  19. im planning on going to Silverstone! fingers crossed it comes true.... i like camping :D
  20. I went to Silverstone last year, was a lot of fun. Sat at Village for FP1, Copse for FP2, Becketts for FP3, Woodcote for Quali, and then Village for the Race. I also made it onto the live feed three times during the race. :D