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2012 Sauber C31

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by S4Sonny, Jan 31, 2012.

  1. Finally we'll see a new livery from Sauber, instead of the plain one they've been running for the past 2 seasons. :cool:

    Although the stepped nose feature may ruin the whole livery. :p

  2. I wish Peter Sauber would go back to the black days or the Red Bull/Petronas colours days...
    Especially the Sauber C19 or C20.. Or the C12...
  3. Ooh, more black! I like, I like...
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  4. Oh, oh, oh, I think that is the same wing like all the other teams went for,
  5. Front or rear wing?
  6. Hahaha I thought wrote front. :D
  7. Ok :) I can´t see anything at all here but are you talking about the nose cone or the front wing?
  8. LOL, Nose cone. :D
  9. Wow you are on a roll today Georgios :) Ok glad we know what you were talking about :)
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  10. [​IMG]
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  11. Hmm from what i can see. This car can be my favorite for next season.
  12. Guess not..

  13. The front wing seems photoshoped to me. same goes for the majority of the car TBH. (The blur effect makes me think in that way. (Specially since I can't see a 100% visable NEC logo)
  14. That is the C30 with a very badly done photoshop-fix.

  15. Ah oke. Didnt really look good at it yet. Still possible then, the C31 looks good. :)
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  16. And I thought you were trolling us. :p
  17. Nah i was just not paying attention hehe.
  18. With James Key gone, I fear the worst for Sauber. He was the reason they the car was so gentle on its tyres. The C31 may (or may not) look nice, but with their technical director gone, they may run into serious trouble developing it throughout the season :(
  19. 2 hours 15 minutes until the Sauber C31 is unveiled.

    Was really happy about the livery change, but now seeing those images, kinds of puts me off the design of their new livery... hope it looks decent.