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2012 FSR Fantasy League Champion: Ondrej Kuncman!

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Christian Smirnoff, Nov 8, 2012.

  1. Christian Smirnoff

    Christian Smirnoff

    With the 2012 FSR Fantasy League now over, here are the badges for the Top-3 managers in the standings! Congratulations!

    Champion: Ondrej Kuncman
    Czech Republic
    908 points


    2nd Place: John-Eric Saxen
    762 points


    3rd Place: Mikko Puumalainen
    Gamepad Racing
    732 points

  2. Christian Smirnoff

    Christian Smirnoff

    Ondrej Kuncman's Road to Glory:

    R4 Monaco: 12th (62 points)
    R5 Canada: 9th (89 points)
    R6 Great Britain: 13th (67 points)
    R7 Hungary: 4th (63 points)
    R8 Spain: 2nd (94 points)
    R9 Belgium: 2nd (96 points)
    R10 Italy: 1st (84 points)
    R11 Germany: 52nd (33 points)
    R12 Japan: 2nd (79 points)
    R13 Korea: 16th (48 points)
    R14 Abu Dhabi: 1st (110 points)
    R15 Brazil: 2nd (83 points)

    Total: 908 points