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2012 FSR Fantasy League Champion: Ondrej Kuncman!

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Christian Smirnoff, Nov 8, 2012.

  1. With the 2012 FSR Fantasy League now over, here are the badges for the Top-3 managers in the standings! Congratulations!

    Champion: Ondrej Kuncman
    Czech Republic
    908 points


    2nd Place: John-Eric Saxen
    762 points


    3rd Place: Mikko Puumalainen
    Gamepad Racing
    732 points

  2. Ondrej Kuncman's Road to Glory:

    R4 Monaco: 12th (62 points)
    R5 Canada: 9th (89 points)
    R6 Great Britain: 13th (67 points)
    R7 Hungary: 4th (63 points)
    R8 Spain: 2nd (94 points)
    R9 Belgium: 2nd (96 points)
    R10 Italy: 1st (84 points)
    R11 Germany: 52nd (33 points)
    R12 Japan: 2nd (79 points)
    R13 Korea: 16th (48 points)
    R14 Abu Dhabi: 1st (110 points)
    R15 Brazil: 2nd (83 points)

    Total: 908 points