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2012 Formula One Season Standings

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Hampus Andersson, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. 2012 World Driver Championship - WDC
    1. 281p - Vettel
    2. 278p - Alonso
    3. 207p - Räikkönen
    4. 190p - Hamilton
    5. 188p - Button
    6. 179p - Webber
    7. 122p - Massa
    8. _96p - Grosjean
    9. _93p - Rosberg
    10. _66p - Perez
    11. _63p - Hulkenberg
    12. _60p - Kobayashi
    13. _49p - Schumacher
    14. _46p - di Resta
    15. _45p - Maldonado
    16. _31p - Senna
    17. _16p - Vergne
    18. _10p - Ricciardo
    19. __0p - Petrov
    20. __0p - Glock
    21. __0p - Pic
    22. __0p - Kovalainen
    23. __0p - D´Ambrosio
    24. __0p - Karthikeyan
    25. __0p - De la Rosa
    2012 World Constructors Championship - WCC
    1. 460p - Red Bull
    2. 400p - Ferrari
    3. 378p - Mclaren
    4. 303p - Lotus
    5. 142p - Mercedes
    6. 126p - Sauber
    7. 109p - Force India
    8. _76p - Williams
    9. _26p - Toro Rosso
    10. __0p - Caterham
    11. __0p - Marussia
    12. __0p - HRT
    Australian GP, Malaysian GP, Chinese GP, Bahrain GP, Spain GP, Monaco GP, Canada GP, European GP, British GP, German GP, Hungarian GP, Belgian GP, Italian GP, Singapore GP, Japanese GP, Korean GP, Indian GP, Abu Dhabi GP, United States GP, Brazilian GP

    Shadow Poles
    Hamilton - Spain
    Schumacher - Monaco
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  2. Hampus Andersson ''statistics man''
  3. Yup :) It´s nice to look at and when i´m bored i like to do this kind of stuff :)
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  4. Updated after the Chinese GP,

    Hamilton up in the lead now by being very consistent, Button close by :)
    And Alonso, someone forgot to tell him his car is a dog so he will stay up there where it doesn´t belong...
  5. And I have a feeling that Bruno Senna have been sneaking his way to 9th position with 14p (14!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :o ). :p
  6. I felt quite sorry for both Schumaker and Alonso today. One out of a very probable podium for a silly mistake, and the other one... ending sandwiched between Williams and Sauber... in a Ferrari, after doing all what is humanly possible for two hours.
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  7. Anyone noticed the banzai move he did in T1??

    He was lucky not to take out half the field there. Nice consistent pace for the last two GP´s though.
  8. Is it possable to add little stars to GP winners so we can keep track of them?
  9. how about this?
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  10. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Renamed and stuck. Quality thread :thumbsup:
  11. With Mclaren setting the pace...how long is it going to take for the other teams to catch up...how much is ferrari going to improve...and if alonso can hang on thru these shitty races...he may be able to contend late on...and lets not count out the red bulls yet...they will not go quietly into the night...i think this season is going to be the best we've seen...esp if the racing thru the rest of the year will be anything like china!
  12. I don´t think the gap is that big frankly. In Malaysia i think it was 4 tenths separating the Top 8.
    In China Rosberg capitalized on the changing conditions and secured pole.

    Race pace seems to be quite equal for the top teams. This year is all about consistency and making the right calls at the right time.

    Just look at Hamilton, haven´t won a single race yet he´s leading the championship by 5 points.
    That is the key to winning this championship.
  13. Added Pole positions to the list.
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  14. Chris Jenkins

    Chris Jenkins
    Driving til the wheels fall off

    There would've been lots of white and black squares next to Vettel last year! :D lol
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  15. Updated with Bahrain results.
  16. After the stewards decide on diverse race incidents it might be even more packed up there!
  17. Updated with Spain results.

    What an insane championship!
  18. Added a pole for Webber and added another line called "Shadow Poles"
    To keep track of the guys who really was quickest that day.

    So one each for Hamilton and Schumacher. However it´s just for information.
  19. Updated for Canadian GP,
  20. Hamilton topped Championship but Vettel and Alonso very close to him
    Any mistake by any of team makes them Behind by a gap and this season Mere 10 point gap is looking like a race win