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2012 Formula One Monaco Grand Prix

Discussion in 'Formula 1 Race Comments' started by Hampus Andersson, May 14, 2012.

Who will win the F1 Monaco GP?

Poll closed May 27, 2012.
  1. Sebastian Vettel

  2. Fernando Alonso

  3. Lewis Hamilton

  4. Kimi Räikkönen

  5. Mark Webber

  6. Jenson Button

  7. Nico Rosberg

  8. Romain Grosjean

  9. Pastor Maldonado

  10. Michael Schumacher

  11. Somebody else

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  1. Fancy Hamilton, Kimi or Grosjean to conquer the twisty narrow track amongst all the yachts and sunshine? Then we’re heading toward a record breaking sixth different driver to win the sixth Formula One Grand Prix this season. People said before the Spanish grand prix that it would be great if the trend of a new driver winning each race would continue for the rest of the season, but they put it down by saying, “Of course this can’t be the case. For it to happen, drivers like Pastor Maldonado have to win”. And after the previous race weekend, they were only forced to eat their words.

    Read the full Monaco Grand Prix 2012 Preview here


    Teams & Drivers
    Red Bull
    Engines: Renault
    1. Sebastian Vettel
    2. Mark Webber

    Engines: Mercedes
    3. Jenson Button
    4. Lewis Hamilton

    Engines: Ferrari
    5. Fernando Alonso
    6. Felipe Massa

    Engines: Mercedes
    7. Michael Schumacher
    8. Nico Rosberg

    Engines: Renault
    9. Kimi Raikkonen
    10. Romain Grosjean

    Force India
    Engines: Mercedes
    11. Paul di Resta
    12. Nico Hulkenberg

    Engines: Ferrari
    14. Kamui Kobayashi
    15. Sergio Perez

    Toro Rosso
    Engines: Ferrari
    16. Daniel Ricciardo
    17. Jean-Eric Vergne

    Engines: Renault
    18. Pastor Maldonado
    19. Bruno Senna

    Engines: Renault
    20. Heikki Kovalainen
    21. Vitaly Petrov

    Engines: Cosworth
    22. Narain Karthikeyan
    23. Pedro de la Rosa

    Engines: Cosworth
    24. Timo Glock
    25. Charles Pic

    2012 Standings
    Click here

    Circuit Name: Circuit De Monaco
    Number of laps: 78
    Circuit Length: 3.340km
    Race Distance: 260.520km
    Lap Record (race): 1.14.439 - M Schumacher
    Real lap record: 1.13.532 - Kimi Raikkonen
  2. Bring on the Jewel :thumbsup:
  3. Will be interesting to see who can get their setup right and do a good lap.

    Will also be interesting to see how much slower they will be this year, i think the EBD played a big part in the quick Vettel lap (other then him doing a perfect lap of course)
  4. Chris Jenkins

    Chris Jenkins
    Driving til the wheels fall off

    Will be interesting to see how Williams recover from their fire. I was glad to see that all of the other teams have offered to lend Williams any equipment that they need for Monaco.
  5. Hopefully this round won't feature controversary like previous rounds.
  6. Controversy? In formula 1?...surely you jest
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  7. Karthikeyan is gonna win this one. I mean, if WIlliams managed to do it...

    Anyway, they are getting the Supersofts here right? I wonder how will that go for the teams. 5 laps stints?
  8. Last year's Race was kinda crap, red flag and new tyres allowed to replace the old ones near the end / ridiclous.
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  9. They lasted around 10 laps i think last time. And Vettel showed you can run 60+ laps on a set of softs.

    However i think without the red flag the end result could have been different but that´s all speculation.
  10. Super Soft is same as last year so they can be up to 10 or 15 laps per stint
    But Soft is the Major concern here we don't know how much they will be for a stint
    I guess teams really need to keep 3 sets of fresh tires 2 Primes(Soft) and 1 Option(Super Soft)
    I had a feel Lewis to win this GP but I'm not ruling out the Current Championship leader Sebastian though. I wish they both go toe to toe for points and any one of the both win the WDC
  11. I'm going to make the unpopular/unlikely prediction of Bruno Senna winning. It runs in his blood to dominate this race, and with Williams winning last week who know? This season is unpredictable. My more likely prediction will be Alonso, he had a good race here last year and has been somewhat consistent being near the front of the field. Also for good measure I'm going to include Di Resta as my wild card pick ;)
  12. Well this season is unpredictable but if this happens i will say that this is predicted :D

    But I wish Mclaren needs to stop doing blunders and RBR needs to get the Speed from here
    I guess this is the only track which does not favor any team
    No High speed corners No long straight's only the best team with the best package can win this Lengthy race
  13. Yea Mclaren have not been the brightest team in the world.

    Last race i thought it was an end to the problems but no, after 50 000 000 pit stops, one guy forgot to move the tire out of the way....
  14. This! I still find it somewhat ridiculous that cars were allowed to change tires during the red flag period. In NASCAR, no work can be done on the car AT ALL during red flags, and was surprised to find out that this was not the case in F1. Totally ruined what was building up to be an epic ending last year.
  15. One thing for sure This year proved two things
    Lot of people said that Hamilton can't conserve tires and Vettel can't overtake
    These two turned out to be false
    As Hamilton Conserved Hard tires for 31 laps and Vettel was gaining places from back
    What a change we had this season
    Vettel who was always starts from front and fly away but we can see him starting from the 2nd row or 3rd row and charging for Win in the very near Future
    Two best drivers are Developing their Skills at high
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  16. After that race it was forbidden to change tyres under red flag. The only exclusion is if the race control don't say FE mandatory wet tyres like it was in Canada.
  17. Massa FTW :p

    No seriously, anyone else getting the impression he doesn't give a crap anymore?
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  18. My money is on MSC, something big is brewing with him. Im feeling a win here or a heck of a crash. If the latter is the case im going Di Resta
  19. With his 5 place grid penalty he'd almost have to qualify on pole to have a solid chance. I think last after the Spanish GP something inside of him might have... "snapped"... for lack of better words and we may see the old ruthless Schumi here who drives like a mad man which I hope does happen :D
  20. I wanted to punch every new born baby when I saw that happening...lets hop that regulation has been amended.

    Kimi or Alonso ftw on this track.
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