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2012 Formula One Japanese Grand Prix

Discussion in 'Formula 1 Race Comments' started by Hampus Andersson, Sep 24, 2012.

  1. Sebastian Vettel

  2. Mark Webber

  3. Jenson Button

  4. Lewis Hamilton

  5. Fernando Alonso

  6. Felipe Massa

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  7. Micheal Schumacher

  8. Nico Rosberg

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  9. Kimi Raikkonnen

  10. Romain Grosjean

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  11. Some One Else

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  1. [​IMG]
  2. In my opinion the best driver´s track in the world. This track flows like no other track in the world. Nords and SPA are the two i would say comes closest but for me it´s in it´s own league, just amazing really.

    No surprises that i´m going with Hamilton all the way here.
    Possibly Button on pole which he then will let Hamilton past to help him take the title.
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  3. Forgot the bloody poll again.... but seriously most answers after Qualiftying or after the race anyways.
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  4. Rupe Wilson

    Rupe Wilson
    One step at a time.. Premium Member

    Jenson Button to win :D
  5. I bet Mclaren will be strong as well, but i have a feeling with the Ferrari xD
  6. In terms of outright pace, it should be great for McLaren, but this track is brutal on the tyres so Alonso will certainly be up there again as well.
  7. Just one thing, in Singapore Marc Gené said Ferrari should be strong in Suzuka. Whether it was wishful thinking, or they really are confident in the car, I don't know.
  8. they also said they would be strong Marina Bat so XD
  9. Don't worry Hampus i will add the Poll again
    Edit: Poll Created Moderator merge it please
  10. I will always go with Vettel
  11. Who will Win the Japanese Grand Prix
  12. I think that Mclaren will be very strong for 2 reasons.
    1. They have proven to be the fastest car ATM and been pretty much storming away with the lead in the last 4 races. (until Lewis gearbox dropped in Singapore)
    2. Because of their pace they can always afford to drive a bit slower if the other cars can't catch up to them and save their tires. (Something that Lewis did in Hungaroring and seemed to work in his favor when Kimi's car was going fast by the end of the race)

    None the less I am really hope that Suzuka will bring a lot of action packed moments and I seriously can't wait for that. (2010 with Kobayashi is by far my most favorite race)
  13. Button for Suzuka. He's so smooth on the wheel and the car is looking awesome right now.Possibly Hamilton too but it looks like if Lewis didn't have bad luck he wouldn't have any luck at all at the moment...
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  14. Sauber could spring a big surprise.
  15. I think so too, they will bring updates as well.
  16. Great video in the first post! Really amazing to see how close they were.

    This is indeed one of the best tracks on the circuit, really a drivers track to get all the turns right.
    Never really understood the need to have a poll so early. The earliest anyone can make a prediction is after the first practice sessions, and even then there's still a chance of changing choice after quali.

    Can't forget Lotus either! They're finally going to bring the DDRS system they've been working on for months now.
  17. Regarding the first video, Vettel didn't fight with the front end a lot in 2011, he was (and still is) aggressive on turn in and loves to use as much of the track as humanly possibile.
  18. Jenson should be strong here, Japan is almost his second home so the atmosphere should give him a boost. Lewis will also be very hungry for a win, he still is in the fight for the championship. Let's hope that McLaren sort out reliability issues, it is such a shame that many points have been lost with mistakes and reliability issues. I think Vettel will be strong too taking the fight to Alonso in the standings.
  19. Vettel Uses Lot of track and Uses kerbs more to gain time and in street circuits like Monaco, Valencia, Singapore he gains time by Hugging them
  20. I just noticed this from Eric Boulliers interview, all 4 tops teams are very tight and fighting for the championship. :confused:
    So anyone can win this which makes this year just a bit more exciting. :)
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