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2012 Formula One British Grand Prix

Discussion in 'Formula 1 Race Comments' started by Hampus Andersson, Jun 24, 2012.

  1. Sebastian Vettel

  2. Mark Webber

  3. Jenson Button

  4. Lewis Hamilton

  5. Fernando Alonso

  6. Felipe Massa

  7. Michael Schumacher

  8. Nico Rosberg

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  9. Kimi Räikkönen

  10. Romain Grosjean

  11. Somebody else

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  1. [​IMG]
    Last year´s results,​
    Pole lap 2011, Mark Webber.​
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  2. Think Mclaren will be much stronger here i think.
    New parts is due for Silverstone.
  3. Xosé Estrada

    Xosé Estrada
    Premium Member

    Ferrari won last year in the "diffuser ban" race, hope they can do well again.
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  4. Hope for a wet race.
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  5. Definitely a McLaren win, this is the track their car is made for :)

    Especially curious about Button. The tracks he's had difficulties with are all rear tyre heavy. Silverstone isn't.
  6. Except Barcelona, it´s a front left heavy track.
  7. The updates on the RB car seemed to have really worked well. Wonder if they can be that dominant in the race again (until Vettel's failure of course).
    Don't really expect much from Lotus since the English weather isn't likley to be that hot and good :D
  8. oh Silverstone, my home Grandprix :D

    going to be a good one!
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  9. True :-/
  10. I'm going! Fingers crossed for a wet race!
    My dream result:
    P1: Jenson Button
    P2: Lewis Hamilton
    P3: Paul di Resta
  11. While the race will be remembered as an exciting one, that was only a result of Sebastian Vettel's retirement. There's no hiding from the fact that the Red Bull in Vettel's hands looked as dominant as it ever had last year during the opening 35 laps, with his lead surpassing 20 seconds initially. When Grosjean got through in to second place there were hopes that he could challenge but it took a safety car period to bring Vettel back in range. The pace was a result of a major rear-end update from Adrian Newey, and is ominous for the rest of the field. McLaren is hoping for an upgrade package at Silverstone and will need to find a lot of time to keep Red Bull honest.
    Remember Lap 2 of Valencia at start Vettel was 1.1 seconds Ahead of Lewis Hamilton and by the End of the 2nd Lap he was 4.0 second ahead of Lewis shows the Capability of RB8 new edition and all RBR tech Chief need to iron things for their New Challenger
    Mclaren Updates need to make the car equal with RBR new version if they cannot match them RB8 new upgrades Mclaren needs to do Catchup
    I guess Due to English Temp Mercedes could have a Chance and the Track suits them as More wear on tires could be from front rather than rear which suit Mercedes
    With the Retirements of Sebastian and Lewis i guess one of them is going to win to catch up with Alonso
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  12. Xosé Estrada

    Xosé Estrada
    Premium Member

    That's not a dream, that's a Brit Fest :D
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  13. Which teams are Bringing Updates to Silverstone i Know Mclaren will bring updates and what about others??
  14. I think HRT have some new upgrades, but it doesn't really matter it's HRT lol.
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  15. What about Ferrari Mercedes and Lotus
    I guess Mclaren really need to do some Real big update if they really need to stop Charging Bulls
  16. All major teams always bring some upgrades to every race. It's just that sometimes they bring bigger packages.
    And I doubt that RB will keep up their Valencia form. The track just really fits their car, that's all. I think the next and last race (if car characteristics stay as they are) where they will enjoy such a large advantage will be Singapore.
  17. Red Bull already brought their big package to Valencia.

    Ferrari i think are coming with bits every race, they did run a new floor in Valencia.
    I think everyone will have new bits for Silverstone although some will have a bigger package then others.
  18. Well i don't think so RB will Be Stronger on every track just like Mclaren and Ferrari
    But never the less we all will have Answers in Silverstone on 6th July i think
  19. James Maskell

    James Maskell
    "Remember the name! Tommy Vercetti!"

    This is webbers track, he loves this place and he has proven he is quick here. He drove hard at Valencia I expect the same here. I am expecting a big push from him, he has a chance at this WDC and I don't think he is going to go give it up. Come on webber!!! Can't believe he's coming second, rubs it in the face of all the people who said he wasn't good enough for RB
  20. As a fan of RBR and someone who is beginning to see how talented Romain Grosjean is, I am hoping something is done with these faulty Renault alternators (LOL for all I know the alternator in Vettel's and alternator in Grosjean's car are the not the same). At least from my perspective it stinks that two young stars who shone brightly in yesterday's race were brought down to earth with failing alternators in their Renault powered race cars at almost the same time in the race. :mad:
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