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2012 Bathurst 1000 (SimRacer)

Discussion in 'Team ORSM' started by Kurt Southwell, Sep 9, 2012.

  1. hi, the 2012 bathurst 1000 will be held by Sim Racing Australia this year as 'SimRacer' is no longer active.

    Welcome to the 2012 Bathurst enduro, inspired originally by Reaver, a community event open to all rfactor racing communities.

    Hotswap (still in desicion on hotswapping) Teams event. 2 drivers per team. unlimited teams allowed per community. Trophy for teams champions.
    Qualifying 28th/09/2012 Friday Night at 8:30 pm
    Race on 29th/09/2012 Saturday comencing at 4:30 pm
    ORSM V8 Mod at Bathurst 2006
    Custom skins only.

    So spread the word and get the rfactor community participating.

    to make things easy, reply as follows:
    team name&number:

    I'll keep you posted on updates :)
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  2. Iv registered at Sim Racing Australia and i havent got a admin approval its been weeks

    iv registered under Hammie Stein
  3. ^ same as Hammie ive tryed signing up twise about a month ago... still not admined approved
  4. Cheers Doug62
  5. Hey Kurt, ive signed up on the site and was wondering where more details are like about the skins and when the server will be up?
  6. i would suggest getting onto the forums, you can find a heap of help. includes the rules and everything like that.
    we have servers running 24/7:
    simracingaustralia #1 (tin tops, most likely the one for Bathurst)
    simracingaustralia #2 (open wheelers)
    when you log onto forums, send a message to Montah Steel asking for the passwords and any other relevant information you want. (if it's just passwords you can message me)

    server isn't set up yet, but i'll get onto that for you.
  7. Cheers Mate
  8. do we use 2010 bathurst just released?
  9. yes it'll be used
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  10. please let me know your details on car and driver, you can post it here and i'll transfer for you, also get those skins coming in :)
  11. where we send the skins mate?
  12. still no reply from admin, my community seem to be very interested with this event :)
  13. if you just post your teams here with the relevant information, i will transfer it.
    the skin submission-i'll get back to you soon:)
  14. Cheers, ive got my team signed up on the site :)
  15. thanks mate, still waiting for more interested people, when is the deadline for registration? at the moment it seems we're gonna field 3-4 cars :)
  16. theres a bunch of us at Sim Racing Australia who are running, also some people from America (SRA mates), and other will be racing. don't know deadline, there will be deadline for skin submission, but i'll let you know that when i find out :)
  17. please submit your custom skins to


    all skins must be in by 26/09/2012 midnight. skinpack will then be released on thursday, the day before qualifying.
  18. server: simracingaustralia #1
    password: 6hr

    up on server now with community cars, make sure you practise with 120L tank, Bathurst diff, control tyres.
  19. Kurt, could you post the full rules & regulations or any other details of this event here please? or send to my email : k_angwyn@yahoo.com, thanks :)