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2011 Wishes and Suggestions Thread

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Johannes Kunkel, Dec 20, 2010.

  1. Hello everyone

    It´s time to start up here as well.

    Please post and discuss all your wishes and suggestions for the season 2011 in this thread.

    If a big topic occurs here I will create a seperated thread for it so we can continue with other topics here.
  2. divisions for 2011? mmm cost of licenses? rFactor 2 will be ready for FSR2011?
  3. jonny, the most important is wath is your idea about 2011 in all sections (Divisions,Costs of License ....), can you talk about yours thoughts for 2011?
  4. Alberto, divisions/structure of FSR will be the same as last year. And as for rFactor 2, they are first making a mod for rF1, and when rF2 comes out then they will transfer the mod over with some changes. I think?
  5. You are correct.
    On an interview ISR had with the boss of ISI he said that mods will need to be converted and somehow changed a bit in order to be playable at rF2.
  6. thx Patel, great new! :D
  7. the times for the races will be the same?
  8. Its to my understanding its only a 16 round championship next season too?
  9. Correct Ben :)
  10. WC time races will be the same, no idea about other divisions, so probably the same.
  11. Whats the situation on wet races since rf2 will handle them, we will be using that?
  12. That would be cool having wet races if the fr doesnt drop dramatically
  13. As rF2 supports it it depends on the Modding work on tracks that needs to be done. If this can all be handled well we will do wet races of course. With which system we will decide the weather has to be discussed though.
  14. nice
  15. Why not using the real weather data from the tracks on that date? Is just easy to get them via internet.
  16. of course we know about online weather services :) And I didn´t say we wont use them ;) But it´s too early to discuss it before rF2 is even there and before we know what is required Modding wise.
  17. I think using real weather data isn't a very good idea:

    - As the WC races are 18GMT, it means the local track time is mostly in the evening aswell or even at night in some cases. This doesn't provide very realistic weather conditions as the races in real life are at 14 or 15 o'clock except some races.

    - Finding the right and accurate weather information may be somewhat hard and you can't see how the weather progresses throughout the races. So in general, you could get the weather what is at the beginning of the race, but you don't what happens later.

    There are some alternatives too as well..

    1) Make a weather forecast up like STC does. I can't recall exactly, but i think their forecast starts 7 days before the race and it goes more accurate after every day. Of course, there can be mistakes in weather forecast ;).
    But this system needs a (very) reliable person who makes it, and also he has to set up the server. In addition, he can't be a driver in FSR and better if he isn't tied to any team/driver.

    2) Random weather. It just throws a random weather condition. Don't know how it will be done in rF2, but I think it's related to tracks location and time of the race[date] (in GDB file). But then again, this system has it own flaws... Bigger teams could produce setups for almost every weather condition and so on..

    I, personally, would prefer the first solution, but only then when there is a reliable person who makes the weather forecast.

    Would be nice to hear what others thoughts about the weather system :).
  18. Option 1)
  19. Option 1 is best, but finding that 1 person who would not leak info would be very hard to find imo.
    Only 1 person i would 100% trust to do the job would be my father, anyone who knows him would agree...