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2011 San Carlo Gresini Team (Marco Simoncelli) 1.0

MotoGP 13 2011 San Carlo Gresini Team with Marco Simoncelli

  1. mmpaw37 submitted a new resource:

    2011 SAN CARLO GRESINI TEAM (MARCO SIMONCELLI) MOD - MotoGP 13 2011 San Carlo Gresini Team with Marco Simoncelli

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  2. thanks for this :) .... btw if you add motogp 13 to steam you can take screenshots with F12 key ;)
  3. screens :)

    (got a lump in my throat racing with super Sic.....never forgotten) 1.jpg 2.jpg
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  4. good work, really, but u should of resized your images before you started
  5. I'm used to doing helmets for F1 2012 and being this is a new title for me to mod, I guess its a learning process.
    I had thought about increasing the size beforehand, but i'll know in future if I decide to do any more mods. Again, i'm mainly used to modding the F1 titles and didn't really think I would ever try to mod this game.
    Its also difficult as without the 3d models, its hard to get the textures exactly right, but i'm moderately pleased with this first time result.

    I wasn't planning on releasing it to be honest as I mainly did it for myself. Its a shame that Milestone has made it very difficult for the rider name and team names to be changed by using a hex editor, I guess users of this title haven't the experience enough to do this.

    Anyway, its better than nothing I suppose. Milestone could have included Simoncelli in a DLC.

    Can't wait for the new F1 2013 title, that's the one i'm eager for!

  6. can anyone say to change the name from Stefan Bradl to Marco Simoncelli?
    And Team Name to San Carlo Honda Gresini?
  7. Thanks for the heads up Timothy!.
    I just sent him a message so hopefully he can help me. If he does, I will update the mod when I have it completed.

    Thanks again mate!

    ...By the way, he not only changed the rider name, but changed the nationality of that rider too!
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  8. [​IMG]
    Love it.
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  9. which program do you use to take this awesome HD pic?
  10. F12 on steam and 7 minutes in Photoshop ! ;-)
  11. khairin

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    MotoGP13 2013-09-02 15-39-57-77.jpg My rekor ....playboy LCR new tyres........ :v
  12. where the place download ???
  13. realitychecked


    The download link is in the top right of the thread, that green button.
  14. why so long to open it ??
  15. Friend I can not download the patch,please help me
  16. You click on the Download box at the top, it will take you to Mediafire.
    Once there, click on the green box to download. If the download doesn't start, refresh the page and wait till the ads have loaded up, then try the green box again and it should work.

    It definitely works because I have just tried it myself.
  17. gracias mmpaw37 exelente parche