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2011 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series

Discussion in 'Motorsports' started by Christopher Aponte, Nov 25, 2010.

  1. Well let's start with the first...even though NASCAR is full into silly season since a couple of races ago...

    - RPM (no not Roaring Pipes Maniacs :)): Richard Petty Motorsport announced that they will race as a 2 car team next season. Was this to be expected? with all those things that happened, yes

    - HMS: Hendrik announced 2 days after celebrating the change a reorganization inside the shop for all cars except the 48. Biggest move? 88 car pairing with the 48 car in 1 shop and 24 pairing with 5. Expect all 4 guys to be running up front next season. (or at the back lol :))
  2. Hoping RPM can pull through. They have two drivers with very good abilities (Allmendinger and Ambrose) - they need someone to get in there and direct the team properly (Believe me, I love Richard Petty, but his record as a team owner - lousy - speaks for itself). I imagine they may end up a Roush satellite, like Stewart-Haas is to Hendrick.

    Speaking of Roush, looks like no major changes there - even with the sub-par season (only 4 victories between 2 of the 4 teams).

    Also looks as if (finally) NASCAR will allow each driver to declare to be running for points in only one touring series. So Edwards and Busch can run all the Nationwide races they want, but won't get championship points. I'm sure there are details to be worked out (i.e. if someone moves up/over during the season). Owner points, of course, won't be affected, which will probably lead to a split championship in Nationwide (It's happened before, I believe).
  3. I did not know about the running for points. That is new to me
    But Carl did say on the final race that he hopes that he can run and win both championship on the same year, citing that it is still not set in stone?
  4. Scott Speed lost his Red Bull ride.
  5. Yeah I've read that....it is a shame....but I have a feeling we will see Scot Speed back....which ride I don't know yet
  6. i just found out he's suing red bull because he was never informed of it and had a meeting with red bull and they never said a word to him. gave him a fax and he doesn't like it but there's no real way of firing someone. speed really thinks he's better than what he is. terrible in f1 and as bad here.
  7. i hope he uses his head to be wiser in these kind of things

    btw what do you think of JG new look on the car?
  8. Day 1 of the tire test on the new Daytona asphalt is complete. According to Mark Martin, "The track is smooth, its fast and it's not wearing the tires at all. The grip is obscene, and I'm sure the guys from Goodyear are probably having a party tonight." There was extended time spent at 3 (sometimes 4) wide at 195 mph (314 kph).

    The first official race on the new surface will be the Grand-Am Continental Tire Sports Challenge 200 (Infield Road Course) on 28 Jan, followed by the Rolex 24 hrs of Daytona on 29-30 Jan.
  9. Per Kenny Wallace: "The brand-new license forms that are out, there's a box and in it, it states that you have to mark -- put an X -- what championship you're running for," Wallace said, quoting his application. "A driver will only be permitted to earn driver championship points in one (1) of the following three series: NASCAR Sprint Cup, NASCAR Nationwide or NASCAR Camping World Truck Series. Please select the series in which you would like to accumulate driver championship points. Choose one."

    My Response: Finally!
  10. Please be true!
  11. I will actually start watching NASCAR if this is true.
  12. Already watching, the best motorsport after the Drag Racing, oke F1 is good also but i just hate WRC so hopelly Kimi leave it soon :D
  13. The place of Kimi is in the King of motorsport FORMULA 1 com back soon Kimi we miss you, you do lack in F1.
  14. LOL, yeah. TBH I dont think Kimi is taking this seriously. He'll probably be out quicker than Jacques Villeneuve... maybe JV should join up with Kimi LOL
  15. Hiroshi Awazu

    Hiroshi Awazu
    Off Topic Moderator

    I would like to see Kimi test a V8 Supercar rather than Nascar, but still interesting to see him make the move.
  16. Ross Balfour

    Ross Balfour
    #99 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs

  17. From CBS Sports:

    Former Formula One champion Kimmi Raikkonen has received approval from NASCAR to compete in the Camping World truck Series race at Charlotte Motor Speedway on May 20th.
  18. Aussie v8's are awesome (in fact my favorite road racing series) but there's more money in Nascar. He's funding his team himself in WRC and it doesn't seem to be going anywhere. I doubt that he can compete even with Petter let alone the factory Citroens and Fords any time soon. With Kimi, Montoya & Ambrose (maybe even Ekstrom again?) there should be some good racing on Nascar's road courses.