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2011 mod

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by WowKCB, Dec 22, 2010.

  1. Hey there, is there a mod that changes team numbers (only numbers) like thay will be in 2011 and also to change drivers (Maldonado for Hulkenber etc.).If there isn't this patch ,if someone make i will be very pleased.
    Pilots for change:
    Maldonado for Hulkenberg
    Perez for De La Rosa
    D'Ambrossio for Di'Grassi
    Klien for Chandhok
    (You can change only pilots names and flags not their looks in the padock)


  2. I like this idea and seriously hope someone figures this out because this series is going to get annoying if we expect a new release each year.
  3. pilots ?
  4. They (CM) are releasing a new game every year, they havea already stated they are working on F1 2011. Thats why they can't be bothered to fix the broken parts of the current game.
  5. Pilots is how some country's describe drivers or someone in command of a vehicle it is one of those words that get's easily 'Lost in translation' Chris.
  6. With CM working on the 2011 season I would hope that they would use the the 2010 as a base and simply added the new track in India reviseed the scheduled, driver lineups and correct the issues in the 2010 game.
  7. I figured as much...
  8. I think from a marketing standpoint it sounds great...releasing a new game every year. In reality, it is not cost effective.There's more money to be had over time, if CM and the other game companies, update the current releases and charge approximately 5/8 of the cost of the full game. They'll perfect the product, while saving millions of dollars in CD stamping, packaging and advertising cost...not to mention the savings in manhours for not having to reinvent the wheel.
  9. I just don't see CM doing a whole new game. What is the point. A simple revision to the 2010 game such the new India tack and new schedule of races as well as the driver line ups and car numbers. I see no reason the completely redo the game (except fix the bugs in the current version).

    I also agree that by offering an update as so many software provides do at a reduced cost for those that already have the original version would benefit them in the PR department.
  10. Name one big company who has just updated a game of theirs each year? and i dont mean ea's crappy failed ports and quick buck making projects namely world (which was carbon and mostwanted combined) and hotpursuit.
  11. I don't believe I said GAME, but software. Example is you pruchase version 1.0. then there is an update (usually to correst or enhance) and is listed as Version 1.1 you can download that version at no cost if you are a licensed original user. Along comes version 2.0 and it is offered to original owners at a reduced price.

    I am not sure why a 2011 season would need to be a complete new game unless CM is converting to a new engine. If not, it would seem that changes to F1 2010 would be all that is needed, therefore a release to original F1 2010 at say a reduced rate of 3/4 the price of a new game.
  12. Why would they do that when they could rake in just as much money from 2010 as they could with 2011?

    If game companies actually thought about their players more then maybe it would happen, but unfornuately they dont their here to make money.