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2011 Mod Enduro Skins

Discussion in 'Team ORSM' started by MyHolden#11, Oct 31, 2011.

  1. Hi, When will the Phillip Island/Bathurst Skins Be Released? thanks
  2. 2012 probably, after 2011 is fully done and the next patch is ready.
  3. Hi Guys

    They are completed and we are in the process of getting them ready for testing and then subsequent release.

    More to come shortly..
  4. Is there another patch???
  5. I think you'll find rF2 is to close to warrant a patch. Besides the seasons and the enduro skins for 2011 there isn't any reason to patch. Anything released for rF1 would only be a update. Would however strongly recommend all to update as they come out to help prevent that dreaded mismatch.

    I would imagine rF1 well still be used for some time after the release of rF2 to give modders time to transfer their mods over and for those that have built a new mod specificity for rF2 to get them up to release status. There's no way to get a head start on this because the mod teams are in the same boat as you guy's. If you haven't been following the ISI forum the plain is to release a open BETA. Mod teams will get their first look at rF2 then but as a open BETA you will also be able to get the sim then also. It's not just modders specific. This will be up to you but remember it's a BETA not the final release. As such there will be things that ISI are hope to get feedback and input to improve some things for the final release. This is a great idea I just hope this opportunity to input to the final product isn't abused.
  6. From what I've heard Doug some Modding Groups have already had their hands on early version for a while now. Either way seems good.
  7. Can't wait for the 2011 enduro skins, they're very close :)
  8. We need to remember that this if true, It's up to ISI who they use for their closed beta testing. rF1 was no different in this respect. It was closed beta tested by a group or groups out side ISI. We'll get our chance to be involved in the open beta testing soon enough. There are just to many league to involve them all in the first round of testing so they use the ones that are closer to the ISI team.
  9. It's definitely true. :wink:
  10. :rolleyes: