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2011 GMC Sierra 1500 SLT Extended Cab

Discussion in 'Racer Cars' started by ethorlakson, Apr 16, 2010.

  1. 2011 GMC Sierra 1500 SLT Extended Cab **V2**

    ***Download V2 BELOW!!***

    well, here it is! it's done earlier than i thought I'd finish it. this is my interpretation of what a facelifted Sierra would look like for the 2011 model year. this is not an actual redesign done by GM. it features a new interior, projector headlights, and minor tweaks to the styling. 18" machined alloy wheels are standard, along with leather, 6CD changer, USB Port for Ipod, Bluetooth, heated steering wheel and heated/cooling seats.

    the Sierra retains the coveted 5.3L V8 with FlexFuel capability for the 2011 model year, and a 4 speed automatic transmission propells the Sierra from 0-60 in 8 seconds.

    now some info about the model:
    original for SA by Impostor (thanks for the permission)
    i have a ****ty computer and it still gives me great FPS (40-60 FPS cockpit view, and about 20 FPS outside, but that was with the hi-poly rims that i had on), and it is a very good quality model.

    you can have the Sierra in black or white, but black interior is the only color available. to change the exterior color to black, open the car.shd, and the first shader 'remapbody' should have remapbody.tga written as it's image, change that tga to body.tga.

    enjoy! ****June 21, 2010**** UPDATED V2! PLEASE DL NEW VERSION!!! NEW HANDLING AND LIGHTS!
    Download V2 Here!

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  2. Havent tried it yet but its kick ass anyway ;)
  3. 2o6


    Doesn't the real Sierra have a 6AT?
  4. a 6 speed comes standard with a towing package.
  5. Really nice. Took it for a drive up the Rockys and it follows the road just smoothly. Also the shaders are really nice, and the model and yeah.. it really is nice, thanks! All it needs now is a driver and some cargo, but I can add that myself :)

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  6. took it for a quick test drive myself. drives like a truck, the auto shifting seems to work pretty good, though the shift down rpm could be a little bit higher I think. But overall thats my only real complaint about the truck, well that and the lack of CG Shaders, but nothing I can't fix myself lol.
  7. i would've done CG shaders but i don't have the computer capability (damn, i keep spending my money on **** for my RL truck) so, sorry i couldn't do that, some day i will.

    luthobu it looks like you got mad tint on your headlights, did you download it like that or did you modify it?
  8. Downloaded like that, not had time to do any modifications yet (as I said, I will add a driver and some cargo but that's it really). Here are some images that show different times - first is time=2000 and second time=2340 - the miscoloring is constant on several tracks, depending on light and TOD.

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  9. hehe, stupid mistake on my part, basically a typo in the shader, i'll reupload and update the link in the first post.
  10. Cool, thanks :)
  11. Can someone make some interior lights?
  12. Please check and fix the large number of Qlog errors. It is always prudent to check the Qlog for errors BEFORE releasing Racer content!
  13. Good Advice Boomer541! :)

    I also wanted to add that the truck looks great in my version of Racer, but I'll have a go at getting her more balanced-she seems twitchy...but I think I can smooth her out.

  14. Textures inside are too bad, i cant do anything... its a pity
  15. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    It has huge potential though, that's for sure :)
  16. So far so good, I have made some changes, but they would only be good for some users with the same Racer version as me-lol! 0.6.3 non cg, and limited.... :wink:
  17. http://www.speedyshare.com/files/22663717/gmc_sierra.rar

    just slightly enhanced to handle more realistic according to my experience and some tips from my coworker's truck. I may have enhanced and recalculated the torque info, but not the curve (.crv) file. I don't remember....but I did play around with its' .ini. I kept the 4spd auto-I like it! lol!! please don't be upset, i just didn't care to have the nose scrape around corners....but she don't do it now-lol!

  18. Cool.. I really liked to drive this one.. now I might like it even more, thanks :)
  19. Any feedback? I hope that it is better, as it is on my version of Racer. :D
  20. It feels better, yeah. The responses are fast.. I mean, it turns and moves very quickly.. is that normal with such a large car? Not complaining though.. just commenting ;)