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2011 Formula One Hungarian Grand Prix

Discussion in 'Formula 1 Race Comments' started by Scott Webber, Jul 30, 2011.

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  1. Well it looks like S Vettel has his Mojo back i quote him "Yes that is what im talking about" .... Im so happy for Hamilton and Button, it worked out perfect for them 2, and F Massa out performing Alonso, good to see that happen... good on him!
  2. Oooooh. Someone's got HD :)
  3. Yeah, that seemed like a big relief for Vettel. However I don't think he's gonna get ahead as quickly as he usually does as Hamilton is second and if Jenson can keep Alonso behind him off the line, which will be difficult given the differnce in grip on either side of the track, I don't think he'll push Lewis too hard. He's already conceded the championship and he's a team player. With Lewis not having to drive too defensive he can push Vettel all the way to the first stop. Then it comes down to tyre wear and strategy. I think we're gonna have a 2 way battle for 1st with SV and LH and a 3 way battle for final spot on the podium with Jenson, Fernando and Webber.
  4. I'm looking forward to a good battle between Vettel and Hamilton, hopefully Lewis will put him in his place. Nice job by Button too, pleased for him.
  5. Bad luck for Webber back in 6th! I'd really like to see Massa beat Alonso. Hopefully Vettel spins and crashes into Hamilton, Button, massa and Alonso though.
  6. Here is My own Opinion so dont write back hate comments but i cant take normal non-angry replys. Red Bull broke the curfew to "Improve" the car. The rules says if imnot mistaken that u can break the curfew up to 4 times if it needs any repairs or any reliability issues, i say again, issues, that teh car might have the requires that extra time". Vettels ride so far has been almost 2 perfect this season but Webbers always had an issue that seemed to affect him more than Vettel. This is ridiculus. How does "improving" fall under "repair or reliability" .SO far the story goes that they work JUST on VETTELS car, what about Mark,hmmmm now thats odd aint it. They so talk about being a "team". Rules rules rules, when is the FIA goign to be straight forward with them we'll never know.

    I hope Lewis just runs him wide into the 1st corner which is the key. Dear baby jesus: can we have a Maclaren 1-2 please? WHOS with me !!!

    (no hate I just watch Speed TV,thats what they said, but I can still torrent BBC HD Coverage)

    BTW Scott, I agree in this season about Felipe outdoing Alonso, We all know Felipe has talent as we saw him in 2006-2008, but an accident and damage to the head in 2009 can change a lot. He still fast, but hopefully, he'll get his old driving back.
  7. Fantastic quali, i was hopeing Lewis wouldn`t do a 2nd run in Q3 and save another set of tyres, but i can see him taking Vettel at T1 and jeson to follow him through :D

    Watched the quali on the BBC site in HD and even though it was only 720p it was very good and i got to use my pc headset so could hear the blown defusers better :D

    Diego i`m sure they were within the rules else the other teams would be right on it.
  8. Ross Balfour

    Ross Balfour
    #99 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    You really bring the hate comments onto yourself with posts like this...
  9. It says the curfew can be broken 4 times a season Per team, there doesn't have to be any issues either.
  10. Hopefully button will finish this race...........
  11. I hope Hamilton does take him on T1 however it's unlikely as Vettel has the clean side of the track, guess it will be down to vettel's start. Watch out for Button though he has a great position to make a good start and get up to P2 at T1.
  12. bring myself? lol taking it 2 personal to reply there broski.

    Anyways i was just repeating back what the commentators were saying. They could be wrong. but thats just opinion. I guess some ppl dont get that posting something is about "what you think, based on what u heard or saw or you own personal opinion". Ross just makes me lmao everytime he replies negatively.:cool:

    Maclaren 1-2 bets going up here.
  13. Vettel and Hamilton on the front row is just a recipe for disaster. Once they've taken each other off that leaves the way clear for the McLaren pit crew to fail to put on Button's tyres correctly, so Ferrari can then use team orders to get Alonso past Massa, with Webber, inevitably, coming third.
  14. dont think the dirty side will affect Hamilton to much, he'll just point his car towards Vettel and drive for the clean side asap like he has done before. also he has the inside line for turn 1 so can force vettel wide if he has at least a part of his car along side when Vettel wants to turn in. Looking forward to a good race and hoping for a Hamilton Button 1,2 (but dont think it will happen) also hoping Di Resta can get himself into the points as think he would do well with a good car underneath him
  15. Since Massa is ahead of Alonso I know suspect we will hear something like this, "Massa, Alonso is faster then you". :p

    No, but it seems like a very close qualify and with a track like this there will deffinatly be some great action. (hopefully)
  16. Awesome race already.
  17. "Ian Slater, Andover, via text on 81111: "I said it last week and will say
    it again... Vettel can only win from the front, he cannot handle pressure." BBC Tweeter.

    HAHAHA so true.
  18. Gaz

    Steam: GazCBG

    Great race so far, hope Hamilton or Button wins
  19. Very late drive through. Thats action was arround 20 min ago.
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