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2011 Formula One European Grand Prix

Discussion in 'Formula 1 Race Comments' started by Ivo Simons, Jun 20, 2011.

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  1. Sigh..

  2. Seriously, why can't they stick with one DRS zone as two have already proven to be a really bad idea as it does spoil all the fun of the sport.
  3. Bruno Sousa Ferreira

    Bruno Sousa Ferreira
    Strategy Mister!

    Why can't we have a race without DRS, I bet it would be as exciting as the tyres do enough for the overtaking.
  4. Omer Said

    Omer Said
    Weresloth Staff

    I can't understand why DRS is spoiling the fun. Drivers in front push to the limits to open the gap more than 1.0 seconds before the detection zone. Vettel would not do a mistake if there wasn't a DRS zone in Canada for example :)

    And Valencia... We have never watched an exciting race here, only a train of F1 cars. But now with these DRS zones, we may watch an exciting race.
  5. But what about drivers own abilities? I mean with DRS the race are artificial, the overtaking isn't made 100% by the drivers abilities but with only less then 50% of the drivers own ability. You can't counter DRS with KERS on long straights like here in and in Montreal.

    I just can't imagen how easy it will be to overtake at Spa and Monza.
  6. Tires are great, that's for sure! About DRS I have mixed feelings though! OK we see more passes, but at some places it's still not enough, at some places it's instant pass. On one side it adds excitement, and on another it takes excitement away. For example: It was exciting to watch the difference between Button and Vettel at Canada, "will Vettel be able to maintain more than 1 sec advantage ahead Button at the DRS checkpoint". Another one: "would Schumacher be able to defend his podium position, if there were no "instant pass" DRS zone on the track".. When I was on the Hungaroring, most of the excitement were provided by watching Norbert Michelisz getting closer and closer to Menu every lap, even if there was no pass, it was extremely exciting! Or some years ago, I believe in 2005 and 2006, first time Schumacher chased Alonso at Imola, next time it was the other way, they didn't pass each other, but it was very exciting to watch! "Instant pass DRS zone"-s take away that excitement completely. Make cars that are harder to drive, Pirelli made good tires as a first step, they make more mistakes that way, and passing becomes easier, and it's all about driver skills.
  7. I'm totally against DRS for this simple reason: it's unfair. I agree with Péter, I just can't get excited about any pass where the car behind has a Magic Passing Button.
  8. Chris Jenkins

    Chris Jenkins
    Driving til the wheels fall off

    I think there's been enough examples of DRS being 'not quite enough' on some tracks for us to safely assuming that it's not a "Magic Passing Button".
    I do think that on some tracks, mainly Turkey, that the activation zone should perhaps be moved or shortened, as it did seem a bit too easy there, but there's been a lot more examples of DRS causing wheel-to-wheel racing down the straight, but not being a given overtake.

    I like it, as long as it's tweaked for next season, based on what we see this year.
    Also, 2 activation zones is too much. The 2nd one in Valencia looks pretty pointless with that bend in the track right in the middle of it.
  9. Chris Jenkins

    Chris Jenkins
    Driving til the wheels fall off

    Times from Free Practice 1:

    1. Mark Webber (Australia) RedBull 1min 40.403secs
    2. Vitaly Petrov (Russia) Renault 1:41.227
    3. Fernando Alonso (Spain)Ferrari 1:41.239
    4. Lewis Hamilton (Britain) McLaren 1:41.510
    5. Nick Heidfeld (Germany) Renault 1:41.580
    6. Felipe Massa (Brazil) Ferrari 1:41.758
    7. Jenson Button (Britain) McLaren 1:41.926
    8. Adrian Sutil (Germany) Force India 1:41.955
    9. Nico Rosberg (Germany) Mercedes 1:42.043
    10. Jaime Alguersuari (Spain) Toro Rosso-Ferrari 1:42.216
    11. Michael Schumacher (Germany) Mercedes 1:42.270
    12. Daniel Ricciardo (Australia) Toro Rosso-Ferrari 1:42.412
    13. Rubens Barrichello (Brazil) Williams-Cosworth 1:42.704
    14. Sergio Perez (Mexico) Sauber - Ferrari 1:42.738
    15. Pastor Maldonado (Venezuela) Williams-Cosworth 1:42.841
    16. Sebastian Vettel (Germany) RedBull-Renault 1:42.941
    17. Kamui Kobayashi (Japan) Sauber - Ferrari 1:43.201
    18. Nico Huelkenberg (Germany) Force India-Mercedes 1:43.769
    19. Heikki Kovalainen (Finland) Lotus - Renault 1:44.136
    20. Jerome d'Ambrosio (Belgium) Virgin - Cosworth 1:45.026
    21. Timo Glock (Germany) Virgin - Cosworth 1:45.221
    22. Vitantonio Liuzzi (Italy) HRT - Cosworth 1:45.494
    23.Narain Karthikeyan (India) HRT - Cosworth 1:46.926
    24. Karun Chandhok (India) Lotus - Renault - No Time Set
  10. Petrovs time or rather Renaults times are really intresting. I hope they can keep it up there.
    HRT is on the tail of Virgin which I have to say it a very big achivement because this team faced big economical problems and to manage to produce a car that doesn't just stay within the 107% rule but to close the gap to Virgin is something not many teams would be able to with the lack of money and experience that HRT got.
  11. I dont mind DRS and KERS....i mean look at 2010, the only way you could pass some1 is if they made a mistake or something was wrong with the car. WE ARE RUNNING ON FULL TANKS PEOPLE, we no longer tha fuel strategy were it was easier to pass someone hence came DRS and KERS this year due to that along with pirelli tires....i mean, yes teams havent used KERS or had faulty DRS in previous races this year, but that doesnt mean ditch it. JUST imagine the race with out DRS and KERS on pirelli tyres (besides Monaco) i mean, seriously? whine and complain. Im glad they got DRS and im glad so far for Mark to be up on top, but then again it woudnt surprise me if the RB7 has found a way around the new blown diffuser regulations. and by that i mean Vettels car.
  12. I agree with Diego, DRS and KERS give something more to races, ok it´s easier to overtake but you still need that 1 sec gap or it wont work...if overtake is successful, then don´t loose the 1 sec gap for the car that overtake you and you can do the same. If there was no DRS Schumi prob would defend that 3rd place, but after they overtake him all of them just took off and that means that he was a lot slower then the rest...anyone remembers Abu Dhabi last year with Alonso and Petrov? I remember everyone saying that Petrov block Alonso, well this year that wont happen for sure...Just my 2 cents :thumb::f1:
  13. First of all, long time no see.

    Secondly, with no DRS and KERS the race could have ended up like Petrov and Alonso at Abu Dhabi which means Schumi could have had a podium but that would be if he could hold this guys for that long.
  14. Hey Georgios, indeed man...long time, hope everything is fine with you bro :cool: Well in Canada...I don´t see why not, even Webber with DRS had to go for it 2 or 3 times and didn´t work well :wink:
  15. Virgin stopped developping the 2011 car to focus on the 2012 one, so HRT might well pass them later in the season.

    About DRS, well, it just makes me feel that instead of sitting on my arse watching the TV, I could very well go outside, by the closest motorway, and watch the cars on the left lane drive pass the slow lorries.
  16. But look at each teams budget, HRT just added and changed a few things on there last years car (well the same did Virgin) but with the budget difference that this two teams have HRT used the most out of there budget compare to Virgin. Sure I get the point that because Virgin stopped developing this years car HRT have closed the gap but there wasn't a massive gap either (like last season) on round 2 and round 3 but lets not forget that Glock got some massive upgrades on his Virgin at Barcelona (I am not sure if it was Barcelona but I think it was there) and HRT still managed to qualify close to Virgin.
  17. Looks like it's going to be between Ferrari and Red Bull this one. Hopefully McLaren can get there.
  18. More like its going to be between all three.

    Red Bulls advantage in Qualifying has been dramaticly reduced, however they are still the fastest.
  19. Having two DRS passing zones but only one detection zone in Valencia is retarded. There are three turns and approximately 10 seconds between the end of the 1st DRS passing zone and the beginning of the 2nd DRS passing zone and there is close to 30 seconds difference between the detection zone and the beginning of the 2nd DRS passing zone. If there are to be two DRS passing zones, why have only one detection zone? Almost every driver thinks there should be two detection zones. But the FIA isn't listening.

    Also, at the next race (Silverstone), the blown diffusers said to be legal at the beginning of the season will all of sudden become illegal because one team happens to be better with the technology. In past years when one team or another had the dominate car, did the FIA change the rules mid season? No they waited for the season to end before ushering new regulations. The FIA is showing us they are getting desperate and are now beginning to tweak the rules in order to engineer Ferrari and McLaren wins.
  20. FIA = Ferrari Internation Assistance maybe?
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