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2011 Dakar Rally

Discussion in 'Motorsports' started by Christophe Berton, Dec 7, 2010.

  1. Central thread for the Dakar Rally 2011. Post all your Dakar news in here



  2. Once I read the article I started to imagen mini's sinking in to the sand.


    I know, it looks like I have no fath in the Mini but I actualy do and I think it's great ot see such historical car get a new shape up and in to Dakar.
  3. Very cool, I like the way BMW is headed with the Mini brand.
  4. Volvo is coming in 2011
  5. Tim Coronel presents the McRae Buggy
  6. The cars can be pick up by the teams in the port.
  7. Haven't really followed Dakar for a few years. Would be great if somone can keep this thread upto date with news? Would love to follow it.
  8. car looks stunning :)
  9. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    That will happen, can't wait to check out the daily broadcasts here on Dutch tv :)
  10. Good morning of tim Coronel, go go tim

  11. robby gordon
  12. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Let's see if he can keep his equipement nicely in shape this year :)
  13. Robbie Gordon is still the underdog that i would love to see in victory lane...love his driving style...hopefully this year

    btw....Tim Coronel posted this
    if anyone is interested, there is a live broadcast of day one on a local tv station that can be seen here
  14. Can´t wait for the dailly reviews! By the way... GO TOM GO! What a superb guy!
  15. it's Tim :)

    daily reviews on www.timcoronel.nl

    en Facebook

    btw roby gordon drove crazy yesterday.
    Lucky he can control his car and nothing happend
  16. whats happening today for the trucks !!!!!

    Wuf (ned) out
    De Rooy out
    Becx probly also out

    bad day for the Dutch truck

    Tim 32 at WP7 whoehoe

    1, sainz
    2, peterh
    3, All Atti

    1, Faria ---> watercary man for despres :)
    2, despres
    3, coma
  17. Wuf crashed on the highway heading to the start of the race (swayed maybe to late to avoid a foreign metal object on the road)
    De Rooy asked for medical assistance....it might be his back again :S