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2011 Aviva Cil

Discussion in 'Racer Cars' started by 2o6, Sep 7, 2010.

  1. 2o6


    Just a small B-segment hatchback.

    Thanks to AMGFan, Cosmo, Tiberius and many others for the support and help.


    FF; Front-Engine, Front Wheel Drive
    Weight Distribution: 63% Front
    Length: 151"
    Width: 69"
    Height: 57"
    Suspension: Double Wishbone (front), torsion-beam (rear)
    Skidpad: 0.84g
    Transmission: Six-speed manual
    Curb weight: ~1850-2300lbs


    1.0: 75HP, 77 ft lbs (torque)
    1.4: 98HP, 101 ft lbs
    1.6: 126HP, 130 ft lbs

    Diesel (turbo)
    1.2: 89HP, 143 ft lbs
    1.5: 116HP, 190 ft lbs

    Trim lines:

    Be: Base model, 1.0 Petrol and 1.2D only. Grey on black interior, chrome/metal accents are black, narrow 175 tires.

    Fabri: Mid-level, 1.4 Petrol only. (1.2D is an option) Gains tachometer, larger wheels

    Grace: Highest level, special wheels, beige/black interior. 1.6 and 1.5D only.


    10/26/10 -

    I revised the release. The Diesel model actually handled better than the Petrol, and the 1.5 was ungodly fast. I tweaked the power output (but it may be wrong in the .ini comments)

    Most notable is the size. It's 1/3 of the size of the original release. I flattened the textures and removed files that weren't being used.


    FINALLY. It's done. I know that there are some issues (old style bounding box, exterior gauge is from the Fiat Panda) but I'm done. This is my first release for RACER, so I hope you like it!



    Check the RACER database.
  2. Lol reminds me of a Fiat Multipla!
  3. and thats surely not a good thing
  4. Looks funny ^^
  5. Yes or it may be a concept of a Renault Espace...
  6. Here:
  7. 2o6


    Yeah, I know it's not the best looking car....but I'm proud of it and I like it. lol
  8. I can't drive it properly at the moment because my game shows up white in cg mode. I drove half a lap of Nordschleife in nocg mode, and the car seems to be quite well done. The low front ground clearance was a bit of a problem, though. It made the car bottom out easily in braking and bumps.

    I noticed there are some big textures that are either solid color or could be reduced to much smaller size without loss in quality. Now it has 71 MB of textures. They could easily be optimized to a fraction of that. Why do I get the feeling I've complained about that same 16 MB remap.tga file before..?
  9. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    Congratulations! I'm glad to see you're finally finished, we all know how much time and effort you've spent on it :) I hope to test it soon :)
  10. 2o6


    Have you tried setting the sun to midnight? (00:00 on the clock) for some reason, the tracks will revert to normal, but only at that time.

    I think the textures are too big, but I was "borrowing" from several cars, so there are a few textures that are unused or are irrelevant.

    Also, the no_cg car shader is wrong. Copy the regular shader (change it to no_cg) and it should work fine. Otherwise, a material on the base model (Be) won't look right.
  11. Thanks! Been looking forward to this one :) Congrats on your first too..
  12. 2o6


    So! How does it drive?
  13. 2o6


    Oh, if you set traction control to 1 in the car.ini, you will see that the TC light does work. I forgot to turn it back on before release.
  14. Hey, i've tested fastly the car (1.2D) one, I like how the gearbox is setted (maybe 5 first gear are too short) but the 6th use the torque of the car so we can reach high speeds :p
    I also like the sound of the turbo, remids me the dCi 105 in real life (you hear it everytime!)
    But the tyre should use less solid textures ;) . But realy nice for a first car!!
  15. Only tested the first one so far (with mouse) and I say it's fine to drive.
    Not used to mouse-driving so I had some "balance" issues, but that was
    my fault and not the cars ;) Also I agree with skybh on his comments.

    I have to add, I respect anyone who manages to do anything with Blender.
    Just getting past the first step (opening the application) is a major pain.
    So kudos to you, both for being brave and humble, and for completing!

    It's not just a car, it's a token of your patience and ability. So I see it.
  16. 2o6


    Revised the release. Check OP.
  17. What happened with the link? Can sb upload this car once again?
  18. 2o6


    It's uploaded in the Download section of the forum.