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2010 Skin Liveries

Discussion in 'Team ORSM' started by Scorpio015, Apr 9, 2010.

  1. Has anyone done the 2010 or know of anyone doing the 2010 liveries as like the 2009. I know theres a painter on the rfactorcentral site doing a few, but nothing official
  2. From memory, I am pretty sure that I saw some 2010 skins on an FG or VE in a pic somewhere in another forum (now that I think of it the pic had a 2009 and 2010 HRT Commodore driving side by side ..... buggered if I can remember where ..... joys of getting old)
  3. The FG & VE are W.I.P. shots only for the new mod that's coming. I'd say that someone is busy making the 2010 liveries though.
  4. I know of one guy who has just finished putting the 2010 season together for the Unleashed Mod, but I havent seen anything done for V8Factor
  5. Prozac32 or Scratch?
  6. :roflol:
    I think he means himself for Unleashed. Not V8Factor. My guess is Scratch is working on it though.
  7. LOL - my apologies if it so be you Mr G :D
  8. OzAndy


    Yep ... finished a set ...

    But it's for FVR.

    My US Mate has put together a definitive set for that mod - being released in sets of 4 cars.
    First 4 available now!!


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  9. Hey ozhandy, cool thanks for that but we were refering to the ORSM version hence the forum name and mod. We know the FVR version for 2010 liveries is complete.
  10. Hehe,

    The 2010 Season for the yet to be released ORSM Unleashed mod is done, as soon as I finish typing this I'll be completeing driver suits and other bit and peices to make it all pretty.

    Great Job on the FVR Skins Oz, looks like you and your US mate have delivered once again!
  11. Has anyone done or could do a skins pack for 1.3 version with 2010 liveries?