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2010 Season!!

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by richardbolton, Mar 26, 2009.

  1. I presume one will be a Prodrive entry....
  2. These days the correlation between what Bernie says and what actually happens is getting further and further apart.

    Are we sure he wasn't misquoted and it should read: "With the new medals system there will only be 3 teams in f1 in 2010" :D
  3. I think it's the result of the "50 million pound teams will have technical freedom in some areas" thing:)
  4. USGPE
    Russian Racing
    China Engineering

    Now THERE's a championship :)
  5. now that will be interesting
  6. Lada in F1?:D
  7. Offcourse!

    No, but last summer Campos said they were considering a F1 entry if FIA could get the costs down. Mayby we'll se Vitaly Petrov as the first ever russian F1 driver alongside Lucas Di Grassi?

    Prodrive is a posibility

    And then we got USGPE:flag: