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Discussion in 'Simracing Team Challenge' started by David Garcia, Jan 11, 2010.

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  1. Hello guys,

    as we have already started releasing the MOD I will share some important information with you.

    This is the definitive CAR LIST:
    2.- AUDI R8 GT
    3.- BMW E92 M3 GTR
    4.- BMW Z4 GT
    5.- CORVETTE C6R
    7.- FERRARI F430
    8.- FORD GT
    12.- MORGAN AERO
    13.- MOSLER MT900R
    14.- PORSCHE 997 RSR
    16.- SEAT CUPRA
    18.- SUNRED SR21
    19.- ULTIMA GTR
    21.- SAFETY CAR
    22.- PSRTV Mobile Unit

    We will grant the TEMPLATES for each model as soon as the decision for the car is done.

    About the TYRE MOD you have to know:
    1.- There are 4 diferent compunds.
    - DRY SOFT
    - DRY HARD
    - RAIN
    2.- When the game change from session to session it will change to Soft Tyres, stay tunned.
    3.- DRY SOFT tyres will have a better grip and shorter life. It is around 0,7 secs faster per lap than the hard compound in Valencia, the Beta Test circuit.
    4.- DRY HARD tyres will be slower than soft but his life will be longer.
    5.- INTERMEDIATE compund should work fine from WET track to 40% rain. It will have a hughe tyre wear in dry conditions, but not as much as the full wet tyre. And it won´t be a good decision for more than 40% rain, fue to temperature and water evacuation capacity.
    6.- FULL WET tyres will work fine from 40% rain to 100% rain. It will have a hughe tyre wear in DRY conditions, and will be knock out in some laps.

    MOD ID´s
    Due to the SIMBIN lack of ID´s we have been forced to use the GT Legends mod ID´s, same ID´s the F1 mod and FIA GT 2008 are using. We are sorry because it can be a inconvenience, but it is up o SIMBIN to solve the problem. MOD´s are vital for a comunity.

    Any question, pleas post it here.

  2. It is important information, remember to share it with your teammates.
  3. Can I ask a few more details about the cars?

    Are the standard ingame cars using their normal physics?

    Are any of the mod cars using the same physics as the standard cars?

    The 997 and the 430 are now different physics ffrom the last mod?

  4. I am answering in your same questions Mike.

  5. Does this mean the GT Club Cars use completely different physics then they do in GT Club? I think they would of been great with their original physics but with GT Sport spec engines and weight added or dropped accordingly, but need to test them tomorrow no time tonight.
  6. Xosé Estrada

    Xosé Estrada

    And they do, with the less modifications possible to make them competitive (in some cases was impossible just match it boosting them).

    But the question is if there are "cloned" cars, and there aren't, there are some more similar, but not exact.
  7. Yes, as Xosé says we have managed to make all the cars in a very similar performance.
  8. Ignore my post I read wrongly :ooh::D
  9. Sry but this isn't correct, at least one car is almost a complete clone. The most important files matched.
    Just open the files and you will see it right away.
  10. Xosé Estrada

    Xosé Estrada

    Which one?
  11. I compared the car files (.eng, .hdc) and this is what I found out:

    Cars using the M3 GTR engine: BMW E92, BMW Z4, DBRS9, Morgan, Seat, VW
    Cars using Mosler engine: Lambo, F430, Ford GT
    Cars using Marcos engine: Viper, Gillette, Mustang
    Cars using Spyker engine: Ultima, Porsche 997

    Ford GT = Mosler - same engine and physics
    Mustang = Marcos - same engine and physics
    Lambo = Mosler engine + Marcos physics
    Morgan = M3 GTR engine + Marcos physics 99%
    BMW E92, BMW Z4 and DBRS9 = M3 GTR engine and modified M3 GTR physics

    and so on...
  12. Myself i could not care less if a car is cloned or not, so what if a few share the same engine and physics, it is a well put together mod with lots of potential, i would of liked a medium tyre also but am delighted just to now be able to have a choice.

    P.S. Tested all the cars around Donington GP in cockpit mod and not had one minidump :)
  13. That's mainly the same feelings for us as well Neil. However Mike asked if any of the mod cars are using default car physics and the answer was no, so we just wanted to make it clear that this is not true and that in fact all the cars are using default mod physics in some way or the other.

    This is the most sensible way to make the mod though with cloned physics, as to make completely new physics for each car takes allot of time to create and test. As it is now the mod is great, very balanced and perfect for the STC series, I just hope we can find the Minidump issue so it will be used.
  14. Sorry Damian, I ansewered NO and THIS IS TRUE, because the cars are the mix of the engine + chassis + his own files, and in my opinion it is not a clone.

    As you see that little diferences from the original model to the copy one are making the difrence. Explain then why the Morgan is M3 GTR engine + Marcos physics and it is 1 second faster. There are no cloned cars, but a mix of the original files to get closer to the real model in each case.
  15. Well why wouldn't it be ? Put a powerfull engine in a good handling car and there you are.
    Sry but i didn't see any difference yet between the GT40 and the mosler so for me its a clone car. Not saying its a bad thing, but abit a shame as it makes the GT40 less interesting.
  16. Xosé Estrada

    Xosé Estrada

    Maybe you are missing something, maybe they are not 100% exact, I didn not programmed though.

    We said from first momment all the cars would be a combination of a default engine with a defaul physics, plus minor tweaking to balance it more

    And this is what it is. Why?, to don't repeat the mistake of the F430 and 997 original MOD, where the cars were unusable with the default GT Sport class, and even like that the morgan was born too fast.

    Now all the cars handle different, but are very similar in performance. We compared real specs to decide wich chassis and engine the car will have, and if the result was too good or too bad we modified them. The in-game Mosler is not handling like a real mosler... so if two cars share most of physics believe you don't know to which one are more close.

    So is possible to:

    A) Have balanced cars
    B) Have cars with huge different physics and engine

    But not

    C) Both

    Because SIMBIN cars are not realistic at all, they are also tweaked, but it seems some people think they are exactly like real ones and took them as patern.

  17. I fail to see the point of this thread: These are the virtual rides we signed up to race. Does it really matter how they came to be? They are there, they look great, they work fine, a ****load of work has gone into them, people are busy happily spending time in front of their screens. What's the big deal? Me, I feel like sb. has given me half a new computer game for free including exclusive user rights with community visibility and respect all in one shiny big box :)
  18. Xosé Estrada

    Xosé Estrada

    I was looking into the emails during the mod development and this is totally wrong, so or we did a mistake, or your list is not correct.
  19. Don't understand why you are upset.

    Mike asked some good questions.
    One of which is if there are clones, nothing weird there.
    David said there where no clones, which Mikko and myself found isn't true. All the files of the GT40 says mosler, so you don't have to be an einstein and a complicated program to figure this out.

    If simbin cars are right or wrong, no idea, havn't driven them in real live :( :( :( :(

    And yes it does matter how they come to live as that makes our job alot easier, we how the simbin cars, so knowing out of which parts the cars are made is a great help. The first thing i did was looking into the files :) .

    Nothing more nothing less, no idea why you get upset.
  20. Xosé Estrada

    Xosé Estrada

    Who is upset? Why should I be?

    So the files say mosler and that's all the research you did, well, doesn't seem very professional to me :)

    In fact I can say 99% sure (only possibility is Günthar changed something I don't know), the Mikko list is absolutly wrong, sorry but I hope you are not trying to insinuate I'm upset because I disagree with you, that wouldn't be serious :)

    Ford GT has mosler chassis, yes, and? Has no mosler engine, so is not a Mosler clone. We told you we were mixing physics-engine from different standard cars to generate new ones, that's not a sercret, so... what's exactly what's wrong in david answer?, no, there are no clones.

    Can you predict how a car will behave just knowing from wich cars are composed? I'm impressed, as engine power affects handling as much as other factors, a car can handle perfect with 400bhp and be uncontrollable with 600bhp. So Mosler chassis with BMW engine has a totally different result than Mosler chassis with Vette engine for instance. You should better try the cars, or you can make a big mistake when deciding.

    Did you "discover" the cars are parts of default cars looking at the files? Well, that was public since the momment we decided to start the MOD, so you had a tremendous lack of information when you started to evaluate it. I can understand better your confusion. Everybody knew how the mod is done since time ago, but it seems you did not had access to all info available.

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